Saturday, January 23, 2016

Procedure to get Iqama for Children if mother is dependent to father and husband does not have Iqama

Today we are going to talk about a certain condition in which a couple got married in home country. Wife had Iqama so she came to Saudi Arabia and delivered a baby here. Now, as per the Saudi Authorities record, your wife is still single. If her father declares that she is married, they will not renew her iqama and ask him to transfer his sponsorship to her husband or send her back to the home country to her husband. Now you being husband don’t have an iqama. Once you have arrived Saudi Arabia, you will have to process the following steps to get iqama for your child or children.

  1. Before coming from your home country, make sure your marriage certificate is attested by the Saudi Embassy of the country where marriage took place. Recommended: Procedure to Attest Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabia
  2. First of all, make all the arrangements to apply for the first iqama. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for First Iqama in Saudi Arabia
  3. Once you have iqama in your hand, you can start the process of getting your wife transferred to your name. The procedure is simple if you already have attested marriage certificate from Saudi Embassy in your home country. Recommended: Transfer of Sponsorship of Wife in Saudi Arabia
  4. Once your wife is transferred to your name, you can start the process of getting birth certificates of your children. Recommended: Procedure to get Birth Certificate in Saudi Arabia
  5. After getting birth certificate, you will have to apply for the passport of your child. The requirements and procedures for taking passport vary from country to country.
  6. Once the passport is issued, you can apply for the iqama of your child. You will have to pay a fine of SR 1,000 per Iqama if iqama is applied one year after the birthdate. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Iqama of Newly Born Baby – Born inside Saudi Arabia

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