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Procedure to transfer sponsorship from employer to be dependent

I have received several queries and questions regarding the Procedure to transfer sponsorship from employer to be dependent. I have always tried to guide them about the procedure. Today, I have decided to jolt it down in an article so that people in general can get benefited from it. Before going into the details of the procedure, it is very important to mention here that we are talking about a family member who is already under the sponsorship of a business but now he/she does not want to work anymore and want to transfer sponsorship to another member of the house who is working under the sponsorship of a business. In this article we will take an example of working wife whose sponsorship is going to be transferred from employer to her Husband.

Eligibility for the Transfer of Sponsorship from Employer to be dependent
The people whose sponsorship can be transferred in this way are;
  1. Sponsorship of Wife from Employer to Husband
  2. Sponsorship of Husband from Employer to Wife
  3. Sponsorship of Parents from Employer to Son/Daughter
  4. Sponsorship of Daughter from Employer to Father
  5. Sponsorship of Son cannot be transferred from Employer to Father

Procedure to transfer sponsorship from employer to be dependent
  1. First of all, you need to get a demand letter from the sponsor of the husband and submit it along with resignation to your employer.
  2. Just like in any other transfer of sponsorship, you need to take a letter from the sponsor/employer of your wife that they do not have any problem in getting her sponsorship transferred to her Husband. Name of the Husband, his iqama number should be mentioned along with the particulars of wife on the NOC letter from the employer of Wife. This letter needs to be stamped by the Chamber Commerce. Recommended: Important Points about Attestation from Chamber of Commerce
  3. Once you have the NOC letter, next step is to pay the fee for the transfer of sponsorship. We have explained the procedure in this link. Recommended: Procedure to Pay Transfer of Sponsorship Fee Online
  4. Now you need to visit main office of Jawazat located in your city. Try to contact any of the agents sitting in front of the main gate of Jawazat. Explain what you want to do and they will guide you about further process. If you have not paid the fee yet, you can ask them to pay it for you. They will charge a little extra amount for that. They will fill an application for the transfer of sponsorship for you and ask you to sign it. After that, they will further guide you to go to a particular window. Just act according to their instructions. They will not charge more than SR 50 for all this service.
  5. You will have to submit following documents to the designated window for the transfer of sponsorship;
    • Original Passport along with Photocopies of Wife and Husband (Original Documents will be returned after verification) 
    • Original Iqama and copy of Iqama of Wife and Husband (Iqama of wife be held by the officer) 
    • NOC from the Employer for the transfer of sponsorship duly attested by the Chamber of Commerce 
    • Marriage certificate duly attested by relevant authorities
    • Evidence of Payment of Fee for the Transfer of Sponsorship 
    • A form duly filled for the transfer of sponsorship
  6. If everything goes fine, officer will accept the documents and you will have to go to another window to collect the print of new iqama of your wife with changed sponsorship. If the other window is crowded, you can go to any big shopping mall of your city and take it from the Jawazat office located there. There are Jawazat offices in almost all big shopping malls of major cities of Saudi Arabia.

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