Sunday, January 10, 2016

Residents of 6 GCC Countries wear 6 different types of Thobes

If you’ve moved into the GCC states, then you’ve just pushed yourself into a country that would exhibit a lot of different Gulf cultures and not just the country you are in. The Gulf Countries include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. These are some of the most popular ones yet. When you visit the parks or the malls in any of these countries, you’ll find men dressed throbs that are different from each individual. Here is a little guide that will help you differentiate one those from the other.

  • Saudi: The Saudi Kanduras are quite tight fitted with a two or three button collar. They have shirt sleeves that use and need cufflinks. The headwear is called Bint Al Bakkar which is quite tough to master, but if done so it gives a great look with a red and white checked gotra.
  • Emirati: These Kanduras have no collars but have long sleeves with tassels with matching embroideries on the shoulder. The headpiece is called teachers which is just thrown over the shoulders and is very simple and easy to achieve.

  • Kuwaiti: The Kuwaiti thobe is known as the Kuwaiti Kanduras which are noted for their high-quality use of a material featuring a one button collar and a slim fit. The head balance is made from taking the gotra at symmetrical lengths, falling over the shoulder and throwing the ends over the head. The shape seems to be of a scale when you view it from the front.
  • Omani: These Kanduras do not have a collar and are shortly and loosely attached just above the breast and are often colorful. The headwear is called a Mussar, unlike the gotra which is found in the rest of the GCC which is embroided with personalized patterns and details.
  • Bahraini: these kinds of Kanduras are again very loosely fitted with a soft shirt collar like the ones on a Kamiz. Some of these would feature shirt like pockets as well. The headwear is called a butterfly which is an easy and elegant look. This allows the free movement of the neck, unlike most others that will restrain you.
  • Qatari: this is made from a shiny material and has a stiff tassel or shirt pocket. The headwear is called the Cobra because of the heavily starched to achieve a look that resembles the venomous snake.
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