Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Saudi Arabia is under attack of 3 sided well organized "propaganda campaigns"

Saudi Arabia, since quite some time now has been the victim of a well organized propaganda campaign in the western and the gulf region. The volume and pace of attacks on the image of Saudi Arabia through various media sources has significantly increased. The UAE’s foreign affairs minister, Dr. Anwar Gargash has stated that the recent campaign being conducted against Saudi Arabia has become a frenzied attack. Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has grown accustomed to the criticism that they receive on a regular basis, however this new campaign is much stronger and much fiercer than just criticism.

  1. This campaign is coming from 3 sides. The first one from the voices in the Arab world which are of the pro Iranian stance and who think and work in harmony with the position held by Tehran, however since there is an evident bias, their credibility has been limited and so has their influence. There are also some supposed Arab nationalists who hold a grudge against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by siding against the actions conducted in Yemen by Saudi forces, they now stand on the wrong side of history of Saudi Arabia. Ever since the Saudi forces have progressed in their actions in Yemen, the media campaign has seemed to intensified, making people wonder if there might be a connection between the two.
  2. Secondly the British campaign has also come in to attack the Kingdom after a British Citizen by the name of Karl Andree had been sentenced in Saudi Arabia on charges of making alcohol. The Times of London wasted no time in slamming the Kingdom and stating that the Kingdom is backing terrorist groups affiliated with the Sunni sect of Islam. Additionally the Guardian also published some reports which incorrectly depict the situation in the Kingdom. This campaign seems to be hand in hand with the American campaign against the Kingdom.
  3. The Washington Post has published several stories of Anti Saudi nature which has directly contradicted the basic professionalism and rules of conduct of the United States of America. These American news channels attacked the internal rift found in the Kingdom and how several of the Saudis were criticizing the actions of the Kingdom. These reports, all of which are of a similar nature, make us really wonder about the precise timing of this smear campaign. Arabs need to consider attacking the Kingdom. All through history there have been several smear campaigns against the Kingdom, none of which worked obviously.
There is hence no doubt that once again the Kingdom faces yet another smear campaign from all over the world and the success of Operation Decisive Storm has shocked and surprised people. The success behind the operation was the strong coalition between the Emirati and Saudi forces and states. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has and will always stand in the face of all campaigns with courage and will hold their ground with dignity and true nationalist spirit and will remain undeterred in doing whatever it takes to keep the motherland safe.

Source: Arab News

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