Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saudi Arabia wins award for Best Desalination Technology in Global Water Summit

Recently an award ceremony has held in Greece where Saudi Arabia received awards for growing desalination technology which has been receiving world recognition globally. The award ceremony has held at Al-Yamama Palace where Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) won two awards for its technology and work performance at Global Water Summit. King Salman received the award with great owner as it is a big achievement for KSA that it has progressed a lot in technology in such shorter duration of time. The awards were awarded in the presence of many politicians and Royal family members, where Minister of Water and Electricity of KSA presented first award and other award was presented to King Salman by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation Abdullah Al-Hussayen.

The first award in regard of Desalination Company of the year is awarded to Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) for employing and installation of world best technology and development instruments. Whereas the second award was awarded to Ras Al-Khair in regard of it latest and leading technologies which have helped a lot to company for achieving unprecedented operational levels.  The designs of plants and instruments are appreciated by technology analysts and the company finally won international awards. This award ceremony is to be held every year where companies with high achievements, best performance levels and latest technology and instruments are normally chosen to be awarded for best performance certificates and awards. The ceremony normally takes place at Global Water Summit where the coveted Global Water Awards are awarded to qualifying companies.

This conference is one of the major business conference of global water industry. The awards are presented to high achieving companies in different categories based on their overall performance during a specific time period.  SWCC produces largest supply of desalinated water all over the world and is the main water supply company of Kingdom. The company has been generating water production of 4.6 million m3/d of water and 7,400MW of power at 27 different production centers. The company has celebrated its 50th anniversary this year.

Ras Al-Khair has reversed osmosis plant in 2014, it has commissioned the water of 309,128m3/d in order to clean the water of Gulf. The company has improved during 50 years of operations and met all challenges related to desalination of water.  Ras Al-Khair project has been completed by SWCC in speedy way and has dealt with DAF sludge which proved that the company can deliver most difficult and challenging tasks in shortest time span. Along with this project, company has delivered many other projects related to desalination of water in Gulf.

During 2014, the company has notched up 24 million hours without any accident which has led to special commendation and has proved its best activity during last year. For this outstanding performance Global Water Awards jury chose the company for this world class award for SWCC which is a great owner for Kingdom and for company as well.

Source: Al Arabiya
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