Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Saudi Policeman caught resting shoes on Kaaba

An image that has circulated itself around social media that shows a policeman resting against the Kaa’bah with his shoe towards the wall of it has out broken great controversy. All those who have now seen the image have been demanding an explanation and a punishment for the policeman who wore his shoes to a sacred place within the great city of Makkah. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia holds great importance in the Muslim world because it is the land from where Islam spread and came to be what it is now. Within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are also the two holy mosques which are visited by thousands every minute all year round.

The image that has heated things amongst religious groups has been demanding a reasonable explanation. While some of the people comment over social media that the man made a mistake after doing hours of tiresome duty while others post their hate towards him for brushing his shoes against the most Holiest building in the world-the House of Allah. The Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mishal Bun Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz has ordered an immediate investigation saying that such an attitude shall not be tolerated under any circumstances. Most of the people from the western states could not understand why this matter had gained such media coverage.

Within the Arab and Muslim culture as a whole, displaying the sole of one’s foot or shoe, touching someone or something sacred with the shoe is considered as a highly offensive act. Unlike the Hindu culture where the young touch the feet of their elders and how people can walk into the church with their shoes, the Muslim culture doesn’t support it at all. When a man or woman is to enter the mosque, they must remove their shoes. At certain times, they are not advised to enter the mosque if their bare feet are stinky and smell. That’s how they ensure the sacredness of the mosques and other things.

It is important that another aspect of the policeman’s act be taken into account. As objected by a minority of people who commented over social media, that perhaps the man was extremely tired after during hours of duty. Since the picture doesn’t show the face of the man very clearly, it the assumption made cannot be fully justified. An investigation could lead to a correct verdict whether the man displayed in the image is deserving of a charge or not.

If the man was asleep during this, the charges can be minimized since that would rule out that what he did was out of mistake and nothing to do out of personal hate. Let’s hope that the officers can dig out a good investigation towards the incident and ease things across social media since the outbreak of the image. Later on, we heard that Saudi government has taken action against this police officer and suspended him for this negligence.

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