Friday, January 29, 2016

School Principals are Dictators; students actually need a leader in Schools to be inspired by

School Principals and School Teachers are the first idols for the most of the students. Most of the times, they act like dictators, giving orders to be obeyed. How do you expect them to be something else but dictators when they grow up? Isn’t it the problem most of us are facing with our Saudi managers? Students actually need a leader in Schools to be inspired by. A dictator gives orders whereas a leader works with the people and listens to suggestions and works in the best interest of the people. Schools need a leader not a dictator, the Education Minister Azaam Al-Dakheel have changed the title Principal or Headmaster to School Leader. This suggestion was being endorsed in the first school leadership conference which was held back in March in Jeddah.

They believed that the change of title will help improve the school performance; they gave more financial and moral incentives to the leaders and provided them with more power allowing them to excel in their work. In the conference, they also discussed the criteria on which these school leaders were selected which were at par quality and excellence. There was a merger of the higher education ministries and the education ministries to provide students with an all rounded knowledge and experience in their schools which is at par excellence. The sole purpose of having a principal was for to have an authoritative figure which encourages and maintains discipline. However, over the years the concept has evolved and the principals have become dictators who only voice out their orders, not keeping in mind to polish and help students shine on their own. A students relationship with their principal is very important, he knows how well or how poorly you perform in all your classes, they have a vague idea of your personality and personal problems if any as parents at times discuss their child’s future and situation with the principal.

The point for this is to have an interactive relationship so that the students feel comfortable in the school and they themselves are motivated to study harder and to participate in extracurricular activities which enhance their unique skills further. What we usually forget is the bigger picture which is the education of the students. We get drawn into school rivalry to prove which school is better or which administration is effective that the students start to suffer. It doesn’t matter if the headmaster is a male or female, they need to act like a leader and help the students shine. Through school leadership they help evolve students into the future of the society.

School leaders have a few responsibilities they have to take up. The top five responsibilities are; shaping a vision of academic success for all students, researchers have examined that education leaders are effective principals and help schools with high standards and the success of the students. Creating a climate hospitable to education, all effective principals make sure that adults and children are both provided the learning environment for their daily activities.

Cultivating leaders in others, all organizations, may it be public and private function to encourage development of leadership skills across the organization. Improving instruction, effective leaders work tirelessly to improve the quality of education. Managing people, processes and data, good leaders must make most of the resources available and be prepared for any sort of challenges.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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