Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The new Saudi Culture of recording everything and uploading it on Social Media

Every country stands out from the rest for their unique citizens or resources. Mauritania has its brilliant poets, Bahrain is known for its million palm trees and Saudi Arabia is now trending for having a million videos. Saudi Arabia is culturally rich thus provide a lot of content for these videos; they have their traditional dances, beautiful landscapes, attire and their religion and culture to reflect.  The concept of a video is to capture the moment in visual and audio for memories. The revolution that came about in digital and media has evolved our society drastically. Every day so many videos are taken voicing out their opinions and using social media as a platform.

These videos are also used to political means, like recordings sent by the IS to threaten people, wives catching their husbands cheating and such incidents. With videos there is no room for doubt, everything is black and white and people cannot deny it, however latest tools allow experts to Photoshop the content of the videos. These videos are usually given two views, either in favor or against and people do not hold back their opinion.  People have also converted this into a profitable venture. They make informational videos, usually makeup tutorials or how to do craft at home and upload it on various social media platforms and they are paid according to the number of views. Leading platforms where videos are used are Instagram and Youtube, they are usually contacted by companies to endorse their products due to their fan following.

Another video was on social media that went viral about a group of women fighting in a park. These women indulged in fierce fighting and threw in several kicks and punching and one woman threw a chair at these women too. This just looked like a scene from an action movie, however this scene did not have stuntmen and women were actually fighting. Each video that gets viral also turns into something humorous however serious or intense it may be.

These videos can be used for marketing purposes for companies; the hype that is created on social media attracts the youth and converts them into potential clients. Like Nike launches its promotional teaser on social media, the cost associated with the campaign is near to nothing and attracts a larger audience within the budget. As previously stated they are used for political purposes too.

These videos reflect on how the society actually is in contrast to the perceptions they usually are funny videos or taken at events and instantly spread out for example people assume cities in Saudi Arabia are very backward and are not up to date with fashion and with the help of these videos, people all around the world get to know how fashionable they are and have set several fashion trends. The rate at which the advancements are taking place can be termed as either too fast or abnormal and not necessarily heading in a positive direction. Several people are also exploiting the technology and cause danger or harm to others.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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