Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wedding Car Paradaes are Banned – SR 500 Fine for each violation

According to the latest development the Madinah Traffic department and concerned authorities, they have banned the marriage celebrations blocking public roads calling it a violation of the traffic laws. Anyone found involve in blocking the traffic on the main roads will be penalized in the form of penalty particularly fines staring from SR 300 to SR500 depending upon the degree of violation. The department also published a notification imposing the idea that a marriage in a not an official event and the people involved in the event should not block the main roads for their personal reasons. Due to Wedding Parades, the other people not the part of the event have to wait for so long as the entire traffic gets disturbed.

Nawah Al-Ahmadi, Traffic Department Director Brig said that due to globalization and changing trends, the values and traditions are also altering. In the past, people use to take extra care of the event management while not disturbing the other people in their personal celebrations. Nowadays, the festive weddings are becoming a usual as culture alters. In Madinah, the minor violation of the traffic laws causes major traffic jams on the main roads. Specifically, the long routed car parades make the situation very difficult for the other drivers. Although the traffic police is keen and tries to keep an eye on the violators who are found involved in the blockage of the traffic .The violators are charged and fined as the traffic police issues traffic tickets.

Moreover, the football matches in the city add more to the traffic problems usually after match celebrations on the major roads. The grand celebrations gather many people on the roads and therefore the traffic causes great congestion. Congestion of traffic at number of junctions and streets has increased, adding more to environmental pollution.

According to a local resident, “Car parades should be banned as the marriage ceremonies celebrated on the roads disturb the traffic and especially ambulances that face difficulties to reach the hospitals on time.” He further added that an ambulance carrying a person suffering from severe heart attack failed to reach the hospital on time and thus the patient lost his life. This is becoming a serious issue as this selfishness of the people while blocking the main roads for personal celebrations results in number of problems for the citizens. It becomes a very painful experience for the travellers who are carrying toddlers and passengers who have to reach airports on time for their departure.

Al-Ahmadi, another local resident added that there are other matters which should be looked upon. For example, a person is restricted to accelerate more than the speed limit when he/she is driving in the left lane. This speeding on the part of the driver is the violation of the traffic law. The speed limits for various lanes are already specified. The violation of speed limit implies a penalty ranging from SR300 to SR1000. The right lane is specified only for the trucks and the vehicles that go on a slower pace.

Source: Arab News

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