Saturday, January 16, 2016

Why students from schools in Saudi Arabia don’t become Scientists and Innovators?

A school is the basic unit which forms educational foundation of pupils in any country. The educational systems at schools of KSA have transformed a lot than past but still it has not upgraded to a level which can beat international standards. Our educational procedures are simply based on ratification and cramming rules. The schools are trying to produce identical products which have higher level of compatibility and crammed knowledge. It has no spirit of innovation and creativity which is the sole purpose of educating individuals. Our main focus is on English spoken skills instead of science and mathematics which are essential for creating new ideas and for invention of new solutions and technology.

It is the era of modern technology and even literacy rate of countries is judged on the criteria that how many people may know how to use latest technology. Currently KSA educational ministry has achieved a highest level of literacy which enables almost 91 % people in KSA to read and write. It is indeed one of the biggest achievements during this decade and was a challenging task as well. But the modern definition of literacy is way different than typical one. Worldwide literacy rate refers to number of people who can read and write foreign languages. It clears the picture that in the field of education, KSA has still needs to achieve standing ovation tasks which can help in development of country. It requires us to update our definition of productivity, development, literacy and other educational terminologies in order to set higher targets and standards.

The educational processes at KSA need major changes and it has to be transformed completely. The educational process should rely on tested practices and solid educational principles which promote creativity and cause brain storming of students. Some educational practices currently adopted by educational ministry and applied in schools are satisfactory and are working well. They have to be continued along with other transformations.

For now, schools offer limited options to students and provide them few opportunities to exploit their talent and skills. In case more opportunities will be available for students even at most primary levels will promote creativity. It will let them explore their hidden potential for creativity and higher productivity levels. The schools now days follow set, typical and old educational practices which groom students within a limited scope. It also promotes production of students with limited awareness levels and having same kind of characteristics. This practice has totally blocked the way of diversity and creativity.

In order to excel in innovation and invention, nations have to generate and promote ideas. A good and innovative idea is the base of great developments. We will not be able to excel in the run of information technology if we won’t promote different kind of mind sets generated by same educational process. It will only be possible if our schools will adopt and promote programs of different kinds based on mathematics, science and information technology.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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