Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why women unemployment is 32% when male unemployment is 6% in Saudi Arabia?

Statistics show that unemployment among Saudi women is relatively high, pointing to the negative impact of retreating oil prices on the economy and labor market.  Unemployment which was 15 percent in 2014 has amplified to 32 percent this year. Kingdom is now emphasizing on the improvement of economic variation  Reliable sources acknowledge that the ratio of Saudi women’s participation is increasing constantly in field of labor, yet they stressed that there is still much work to be done in terms of rising women’s empowerment in the work place and strengthening their participation in the labor force.

In this regard, the most important factor is the private sector which should put greater trust in Saudi woman and incorporate her into the labor market according to the required demands. If such thing happens, women employment will shot up by 100 percent in the next coming years. The government is also organizing different set of programs for the employment of Saudi women in different professions in the private sector. Moreover, offering the jobs from the government will also inspire the ones who never think about coming out of the houses. It was also notified that plans to establish colleges of excellence and to attract private sectors from across the world to train Saudi youth.

This objective will be reached through sound studies and workable and result oriented methods of training and by the time the training is complete, there will be an employment position. The authority is pointing out that there are Saudi experts in private sector facilities who are capable of training national cadres. Specialists also added the ministry's long-distance program will benefit female employment through motivations and through supporting small projects. This will help them get jobs other than as saleswomen.

He added women are indeed being listed in new evaluation mechanisms in the 3rd edition of Nitaqat program which will be launched soon and where facilities will be evaluated and classified by a number of criteria in which women will take part for the first time. Now women are in need of something which is beyond a stigmatic job. The Saudi women should be given chances to do jobs where there are more facilities and those facilities shall be evaluated on regular basis: Evaluation by a number of criteria in which women will take part for the first time.

Statistics said that an employment network would be launched soon. He added that the number of those benefiting from Hafez is more than 2.5 million. Not all have found jobs but most of them would like to get jobs in public education. The Department of General Statistics and Information recorded high unemployment among Saudis at 11.7 percent in 2014 compared to 11.5 percent in 2013. It showed that the average unemployment among Saudi women was 32.8 percent in 2015 while it was 5.9 percent for men.

Source: Arab News

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