Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why women use Fake Names on Social Media in Saudi Arabia?

Is it a sin to be on social media? Who prevents Saudi women to be on social media openly?  Is it due to social pressure, cultural norm or religious boundary?  Many Saudi women are noted to hide their real identity i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Friendster, Line and Hi5. They either join social Medias for their mere entertainment or to overcome certain complexes. These females are not only unmarried; they are either married or mostly divorced as well. These ladies put up the pictures of different organs of the body, sometimes of different sentiments and sometimes different sceneries.

These pictures show different complexes which rise from depression, despair, sadness, misery, dejection, grief and misery. Sometimes severe, hard-hearted and brutal restrictions from the families also lead to such behavior which makes them hide their true identity.  Researches said that hiding behind fake names on social networking sites is, unfortunately, a widespread problem between men and women. He said that these names and characters that carry different connotations arouse sympathy, which is the main aim behind assuming these names. Numbers show that women fell into the traditional female role of marrying, having children, and staying a housewife.   However, these women study but never do anything with this education.  They hid in the identity of a housewife, while covering their undergone complexes. They never allow their true identity to be revealed and show their individuality to that secret world.  When falling into the feminine mystique, these women felt a void within themselves; there was something missing. 

Men took on their traditional role of being the bread-winners and looked down upon the few women who actually wanted jobs. Articles in magazines had little meaning or were only about raising children.  The women who had the education for and skills for being equal to their male counterparts were trapped in the world of the home.  They continually re-decorated the house and had more children whom they hoped would help occupy themselves.  To just exhaust and to fill in the emptiness, women give a meaning to their lives.  They lack social importance and suffer from marginalization.

These people create groups and are in charge to satisfy their need of self-importance, where these names help in establishing social relations to lure others, either emotionally or sexually. Sometimes they satisfy themselves and other times fall victim of the cruel world around them. This does not end here. So many times they face financial loss as well. They are blackmailed or trapped to send money for different causes. As for the treatment of these cases, statistics said that it depends on the type of role played by these characters on social Medias. For instance if the person is shy or deprived, such platforms help them in getting attention and compensation.

Concluding it all, such Medias play a very important role in overcoming their fears of Saudi women and deprivation given to them by society or circumstances. The only thing is that these students should play safe and behave cautiously while going to such cites and be a part of them. Overall that these if used constructively, these Social websites is continuously giving benefit to the society.

Source: Arab News

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