Saturday, February 20, 2016

12 Rules related to Headlights to avoid Traffic Violations

Few days ago somebody commented on my blog about the traffic ticket he has received a fine for traffic violation related to headlights of his car.  “I got penalty of 150/-SR for no headlight on the right side. I repaired. After two days I got again penalty of 500/-SR for no headlight on the left side. Actually, it was a loose connection. However, that is my mistake. But instead of 150/-SR, 500/-is too much. I don't know why it came this much.” Taking into consideration this comment, we have decided to give you some Tips to Avoid Headlight related Traffic Violation and traffic rules.

  1. Driving a Vehicle with Faulty Headlights can cost you a fine of SR 900 and seizure of vehicle. In case of repeated violation, your driving license can be confiscated. Source: Saudi Gazette
  2. Those who drive a vehicle during sunrise or sunset times or when there is poor visibility due to bad weather at daytime are supposed to use the dim light and the light fixed at number plate at the back side of vehicle.
  3. It is also a traffic violation if someone uses a high beam or installs fog lights at the front or rear side of the vehicle in normal weather. They are only permissible in the weather conditions that require usage of such lights.
  4. It is a traffic rules violation if high beam or fog lights are on while the vehicle is parked. Drivers are supposed to dim the high beam or fog lights when a vehicle from the opposite side is at a reasonable distance.
  5. It is important to know that people are not allowed to use lights, horns or any other devices those are similar to the devices being used by the police vehicles, ambulances or vehicles of civil defense. It can only be done if prior written permission is obtained from the licensing authorities.
  6. It is not permissible to fix any type of red light at the front side of vehicle; rather normal white light in normal weather and yellow light at foggy weather are allowed only.
  7. If a driver fails to use parking lights or reflectors at the back side of his vehicle in the poor visibility during daytime or at the night, when he has parked his vehicle, he is surely be fined for this violation. The vehicles shall also be parked away from the main section of a road to avoid fine.
  8. Safety laws require the drivers to have two headlights on the front of vehicle.
  9. Head lights must be turned on when it is dark. Some of the states have a requirement that head lights shall be turned on half an hour after the sun sets and they shall remain until half an hour before the sun rises.
  10. Whenever the visibility becomes low, the head lights must be turned on immediately. You should also use windshield wipers and the head lights in bad weather conditions.
  11. Drivers may be required to use head lights in the construction zones. High beams are allowed to use in order to improve the visibility but they must be turned off when the traffic from opposite side approaches.
  12. Bicyclists are also required to fix and use front and rear head light on their bicycles, if they are riding the bicycle at night time.
Traffic Violations
  1. Wedding Car Paradaes are Banned – SR 500 Fine for each violation
  2. SR 150 fine for Eating while Driving in Saudi Arabia
  3. SR 150 fine for Tinted Windows in Saudi Arabia
  4. Check Traffic Violation under your Iqama
  5. SR 2,000 Fine for Hiding Number Plate from Saher Cameras


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