Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saher Traffic System bans 150,000 Saudi residents from Travelling Abroad

Government authorities are in place in order to make the daily lives of the citizens of the country are easier, hassle free and is completely documented. This not only allows smooth flow of the daily affairs of the country, but is also vital for the security and sanctity of the country and its citizens. Every country has specific departments allotted with specific responsibilities, and how efficiently they complete or fulfill their responsibilities will have both long and short term effects on the country and its citizens. Although these authorities, departments in the government are made for the convenience of the people, they sometimes do something which becomes extremely damaging or inconvenient to the citizens of the country.

A similar story has just emerged from Riyadh where there has been a major error in the Saher Traffic system. This seemingly harmless error in the traffic system has caused around 150,000 Saudi residents to be banned from travelling on the roads. This has come about due to certain unpaid fines under the names of these 150,000 people. The member of the Shoura Council, Major General Nasser Al Otaibi has stated that the Saher Traffic system has revealed that almost SAR 150,000 unpaid fines still exist on the motorists in the Kingdom. Al Otaibi stated that they have been receiving complaints from several drivers related to the fact that they had been fined for some violation which they had not even committed and in places which they had never even visited.
The drivers who have been fined are of both Saudi and Non Saudi origin. He also added that another system should very well be in place which will scan any violations which are recorded by the Saher traffic system. Al Otaibi further stated that these errors of technical nature are inevitable till there is a proper system in place which will tackle and manage these problems, until then motorists will be detained without any reason. During a meeting of the Shoura Council, Al Otaibi proposed a formation of a committee which will look into all violations recorded by the Saher system in an unbiased manner, prior to issuing notices to the motorists who have been charged. He also added that these notices should not be issued until the traffic violations have been scanned by this proposed committee.

All the cities in the Kingdom are turning into smart cities which are more or less monitored by several technologically incorporated devices. Additionally there is no maintenance team charged with the responsibility of maintaining or updating these devices. The devices working on the Saher system can malfunction due to excess heat or from the accumulation of dust.

Al Otaibi added that these devices, if left in such conditions will sooner or later produce inaccurate data because of glitches in the system. Additionally a traffic court should be present in order for the motorists to appeal their case legally. He also stated that the more technically systemized and integrated the department of traffic is, the safer the roads of the Kingdom will become.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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