Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Theme Park with Global Standards – Demand of Saudi Residents

If there is one thing we’ve learned after fully acknowledging the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has to be that Saudi citizens love to travel abroad, either to the United States of America or to Islands. They love making most of travelling abroad and spending their money mainly for the fact that their children have a good time and are amused with all the creative and colorful projects established for entertainment purposes abroad, unlike what their home country has to offer. 

In the Kingdom, you will not find many amusement parks. In fact, it’s a pity to see some of the amusement parks within the Kingdom that were established years ago and remain exactly the way they were decades ago. The rides are still old, the prices high and the policies unequal and wrong. Children complain that the amusement parks in the Kingdom have nothing to offer. They still only provide the rides that were popular when the park was opened for the public. The Kingdom has evolved greatly over the decades and has made effective changes to the public and private sittings. Malls have not only increased in number but have been viewed as the sole entertainment amongst the people and the tourists.

People in the Kingdom has now gained a much wider crave for good and functioning amusement parks rather than the same old that has nothing to offer to them. This is one reason why, during the vacations Saudis fly out with their entire family to destinations that would actually amuse them and help them spend more and more quality time with the family and make most of it while being involved in activities.  With all the competition to compete with the highly appreciated countries from around the globe, the Kingdom has somehow missed out the needs for amusement parks to provide a source of joy and amusement to the young ones of society.

The zoo in Riyadh is an important park where children and adults love to visit, but how many times shall they keep going to the same place over and over again? Most Saudis haven’t taken their children to the amusement parks there because apparently they have not changed since they last visited.  They have strict policies regarding how the women are dressed and no food and drinks are allowed from outside. Not only that, but the park does not even allow people to bring along cameras and no pictures policy which is highly unusual!

The worst part is that some park does not allow men to enter with their wives and children! If not with them, then how are they supposed to enter? Since when has the government allowed the roaming of women without a male guardian? The government needs to act fast before more and more not only visit countries abroad but might even end up settling their instead.

Source: Al Arabiya

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