Friday, February 26, 2016

Category: Saudi Religious Police (HAIA)

Saudi Religious Police (HAIA)
  1. HAIA Official (Mutawwa) forgives man who stabbed him on Eid ul Fitr
  2. Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (HAIA)
  3. HAIA caught and seized clothes with Terrorist Group’s symbols in Saudi Arabia
  4. Top reasons why HAIA (Mutawwas) hold people….
  5. Saudi Actor arrested by HAIA for taking pictures with women in a mall in Riyadh
  6. Girl disguised as a man to spend time with her boyfriend caught by HAIA (Mutawwas)
  7. Religious Police (HAIA) held 10 men and women in a wild $€X Party
  8. HAIA arrested the blackmailer with inappropriate pictures of Girls
  9. Memo Warning about HAIA from Embassy of Lebanon
  10. Girl Attacked Haia members (Mutawas) in Riyadh
  11. British Couple attacked by Mutawa (Haia) - Full Story


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