Thursday, February 25, 2016

Desperate Measures are being taken against Illegals by Saudi Authorities

When we talk about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we not only talk about its importance in the Muslim world but also its stance as a whole. The country is one of the richest and fully flourishing, considered as a super power on its own. Perhaps, this is the only Muslim country that is feared rather than attacked by the Non-Muslim states and superpowers. Whether it’s the United States of America or countries of Europe, they all know how important it is to keep the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia happy and on their side, because if one messes with them, they shall be tarnished and won’t get back up for a very long time.

Over the years, the Kingdom has adopted and groomed itself. When it started, it was a land categorized as a desert. It had nothing. Over the years, it flourished and now you won’t find anything there that could point out that the Kingdom took just a few years to develop itself. The infrastructure is extraordinary and the people are the richest. With this, they have the privilege to call in people from developing countries to work for them. The expats are welcomed and given jobs and privileges, but if they are to be punished, the law is same for every citizen. Some people still try to over smart the Kingdom and make an entry here through illegal means.

According to them, it’s such a huge country and no one will ever know or suspect. That’s where they are wrong. Earlier in Moharram, around 30,000 illegal migrates were deported while 10,000 are waiting to be deported. In just one month, we are talking about 40,000 illegal residents. That is still fairly a large number even if an estimate can be made of hundred thousand illegal migrates in the country. We still don’t have a good estimation because our statistics is weak. In order to take the necessary action, help must be taken in from the citizens.

We don’t know whether these people are here as terrorists or just as workers. Could we take the risk and put the lives of our people at the stake? Most of the citizens tend to offer these people jobs considering the fact that they could be blackmailed and taken as cheap labor. Can we actually close our eyes and choose not to stand with our government? If we must secure our country, we must do it the right way and support our government in the actions they take up against them to keep us safe, our loved ones safe and more importantly our country safe.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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