Tuesday, February 2, 2016

HAIA caught and seized clothes with Terrorist Group’s symbols in Saudi Arabia

Daesh is a phenomenon and terror lurking in the backyard of Middle East. This violent and extremist deviant group who claim to represent the Islamic population of the world but have failed to show one single sign or proof of Islamic teachings in their acts. Daesh is also known as ISIS in some parts of the world, but what’s in a name? all we should and do care about is the fact that they are a terrorist organization involved in the recruitment of child soldiers and rape and murder of numerous women and children while also murdering thousands of men.

Since the media picked up on this radical deviant group, the western world (read ignorant due to the fact that you will not see Arabs dressed as the latest lunatic school shooter from the western world) has decided it would be a great idea to dress up as the extremist group ISIS. The ISIS extremists usually dress themselves in all black with white or black sneaker and a black rag which is used to cover their heads and faces. Seriously they are more color coordinated than the backstreet boys. As the festival seasons such as Halloween and masquerade/ dress up parties comes to an end, naturally the wasteful westerners want to dispose off their clothes and hence donate them and they get sent to people in need all over the world, some clothes manufacturers have however supposedly started making clothes which are ISIS themed, that too for children.

Shocking yet surprisingly the HAIA force or the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice has found children’s clothing in shops which make a strong resemblance and symbolize the terrorist group we all unfortunately known as Daesh. The ISIS resembling clothes had been found in a clothing shop located in Hail, northern Saudi Arabia. The story was reported by the Eqtisadiyah, which is a sister concern newspaper of the Arab News.

The official spokesman for the General Presidency for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, Dr. Turki Shalil has stated to the business daily that the HAIA force has been working hard to combat such deviant actions made by specific groups aimed at harming the members of our society. Every possible effort will be made to provide security to the children and younger people to stay away from such evil. The article of clothing portrayed a weight lifting tool and labeled with the word Daesh on it. The clothes were seized and shopkeepers were summoned for a formal inquiry.

In accordance to HAIA, round about 24 percent of all the cases booked by the HAIA force were related to the moral misconduct. Around 2.69 percent were terror related while only 1 percent was of liquor and indecent publication. In accordance to the researchers, these terror groups will use digital media in order to further carry on the propaganda and lure younger, impressionable minds to join their deviant cause.

Source: Arab News

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