Friday, February 12, 2016

Most Wanted Terrorist: $1.9 million reward for any information about them

The issue of terrorism is not a new issue to the world, especially to the Asian, middle eastern regions. Ever since the inception of the word “Islamic Extremism”  the Middle eastern  and sub continent region of the continent of Asia has faced not only a serious threat from these deviant groups, but also backlash from the western world (read defenders of freedom) for supposedly not doing enough to combat these deviant groups. Firstly I feel it is my obligation to clear out for all our western or non Muslim readers that there is no such thing as Islamic Extremism. Islam is a religion of peace, harmony and living hand in hand with people of all faiths. Islam does not advocate assault of any kind to any living person regardless if they are pro Islam or anti Islam.

Secondly I also think that the western world is a bit biased (not just a bit), when they claim that the Muslim world, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not done enough to combat terrorism. Saudi Arabia is faced by violence on 2 of their borders, which they have seemed to hold back well, considering they have not been able to breach the border. To further help with the eradication of internal terrorist threats, the authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched a new campaign which will reward the citizens with a hefty sum of money for any information which is provided on the terrorists and / or terrorist related activities.

The monetary rewards for the information on terrorism ranges from $270,000 right up to $ 1.9 million, which are offered to any and all people who provide any relevant information which would lead in the arrest of various wanted individuals and aid in the dismantling of terrorist miscreant groups. The new move is understandable since most of these extremist deviant fighters fight only for money, and are least concerned with the “greater Islamic cause” which is also reflected by their actions which are in direct contradiction to Islamic teachings.

The passport directorate in the Kingdom which is also part of the Ministry of Interior is currently distributing brochures of anti terrorist nature which will carry slogans and will be distributed at various locations. Under the anti terror law which had been passed earlier on in the year, the security forces in the Kingdom can now arrest and subsequently hold suspects for up to a six month period, and there is also the possibility of extending the period for detention for an additional six months.

The Ministry of Interior has also been charged with the issuance of warrants of arrests for any terrorism related suspects. They can now prosecute individuals who are convicted in morally or financially supporting terrorist groups, and also those who promote such individuals on social networks or media. The same law has also forbidden participating in, inciting, calling for fighting in any international conflict zones and also encouraging others to join the supposed “cause”.

Source: Al Arabiya

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