Thursday, February 25, 2016

New Method of Smuggling Alcohol detected in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country that implies and follows its rules and regulations quite well. There is absolutely no room for considerations and the laws have to implement and followed by everyone who resides on Saudi Soil whether as citizens or expats. It is true to admit the crime rate in the Kingdom is very low. They have made sure that they go hand in hand with most of the UN laws and regulations put forward by representatives of other countries. In the end, the Kingdom only cares about the safety and well fare of their people.

Apart from that, they will not tolerate any disobedience to their laws and regulations. However, despite all the odds a very unusual way of smuggling of alcohol has been detected in Kingdom by hiding the alcohol using extended pipes inside the engine of the car. During one such smuggling attempt, information was given to the police and they immediately moved to the scene from where the cars were entering the Kingdom. They proceeded with a full check inside the vehicle and found an extended pipe inside the engine that stored the alcohol.

No one would have even thought of looking inside the engine to store drinking alcohol, but thanks to the insight given by an anonymous source, the laws of the Kingdom prevailed. It was still unclear about how did the source know about this smuggling and how many times has this method been used for smuggling in Alcohol. Further investigations are carried out on the owner of the company and all those who were involved in moving the vehicle inside the Kingdom.

The method showed that this was a very professional way of smuggling alcohol. This has also raised red flags regarding how other items, such as drugs, guns and weaponry could be smuggled into the Kingdom without anyone knowing. If the right action is not taken, this could be an attempt to tarnish and harm national security.

Source: Al Arabiya

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