Wednesday, February 17, 2016

No ‘Halal’ sex shop in Makkah, story cooked by Moroccan media

For the second time this year, the Moroccan media and their websites respectively have targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with false accusations perhaps with the attempt to defame their religious point of views. The Moroccan media has posted and tweeted about opening a “Halal” Sexy store in the Holy City of Makkah which became viral within the next ten days of its publishing. What struck the alarming attention was not only the fact that some country wishes to open a Sex Store but claiming for it to be “Halal” raised many flags.

According to the issuer and one of the workers from the Moroccan Media, he mentioned that the Sex Store would be ‘Halal”, but another individual later clarified that this has nothing to do with the term “Halal”, rather “Helal”. He tried to clear the air between the conflicts claiming that his co-worker has made a spelling error. This news soon died out. If you have ever visited Saudi Arabia and had a chance to go to Makkah, you will reject this news the very moment you hear about it. I have been living in Saudi Arabia from a long time and I could figure out just with the title of the news that it has no reality. The news caught flame like fire and within a few days, every other Saudi has been tweeting and blogging about it, giving the attention it needed as put forward by the Moroccan Media.

Not long ago before this accusation, the Moroccan media also issued an article regarding the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh who allegedly issued a fatwa regarding men to eat their wives. This article was published on the Moroccan online website “Code”. The story was entirely fabricated and pointed a lot of fingers at the Moroccan media with the claim that they had been carrying out a religious agenda towards Saudi Arabia.

Soon after, the Moroccan media clarified that they had only made the article up under the heading of “Akhbar al-Tanz” which if translated means, “Sarcastic news”. They also said that the article was just something to laugh on and they do that with everyone, trying to make fun out of everything. Once the story had been out, there were tens of thousands of blogging websites and news channels that aired the fabricated story without realizing whether it was true or not.

In response, the famous Wall Street Journal reporter and Saudi blogger, Ahmed Al Omran tweeted that just because someone has the wish to open a sex store doesn’t mean that he can or he will. Just as that, he also said that if someone says they want to do something, isn’t a story that the media should go crazy about.  It is true the media now makes most of whatever they hear, without clarifying that what reaches their ear is even true, either partially or entirely. This not only affects the beliefs of individuals but also terrorizes and gives rise to conflicts between states and countries. This disrupts harmony and causes disputes over a lie.

Source: Al Arabiya

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