Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pakistani died due to Car Accident when he was sitting in Barber’s Shop

When it comes to the security being offered within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is no match. The treatment is exactly the same for everyone within the Kingdom, whether a Saudi citizen or an expat. Just as all the privileges remain fair, so do the punishments. It is true that the Kingdom holds many expats from countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and the Philippines, but can we say if their blood is lost shall the guilty be punished without any consideration to their rank? Very recently the life of a Pakistani lost in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an SUV crashed into a barber’s shop where the man died.

The man behind the steering wheel was a 16-year-old who lost control while driving and to protect him crashed the vehicle into the shop. The young boy along with a person who worked in the shop was injured while the Pakistani was announced dead before he was taken to the hospital. Similarly, another case showed how a car crash took lives of three children, a maid and a woman. Through this, all that can be said is that Saudis have tended to be very careless when it comes to handling their cars and vehicles to their children who are minor and do not possess licenses.

Just to follow the culture of being a male, they are allowed to do whatever they like without any if’s or but’s and hence they have drifted away from their responsibilities putting the lives of many at stake. No one knows whether the 16-year-old was charged, or was let off the hook because of being a minor. No one knows whether the other car crash that took the lives of two women and three children will get justice. Due to some careless youngsters and their parents, two families mourned the loss of their dead.

Source: Arab News

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