Thursday, February 18, 2016

Saudi Female Student invents a lifesaving Swimsuit

A daughter of Saudi Arabia has invented a swimsuit with special features. She claims that the swimsuit can save children from drowning. The swimsuit has been designed by Asma bint Abdullah Al-Hakami who is a master’s student currently studying at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Jeddah. In an interview, she told the media that she has designed this swimsuit due to an alarming rate of children around the world who have died due to drowning.  Asma bint Abdullah Al-Hakami working with the technical college in Najran has issued the design of the swimsuit that is packed with all the necessities that would prevent a child from drowning if water pressure exceeds more than what they can get through.

The swimsuit looks just like any other normal swimsuit but this particular swimsuit is packed with all the latest technology included a GSM signal generator, Air pump, water pressure sensor, water level sensor, main controlling unit and air bag.  The swimsuit has all these technological functions installed in the center of the swimsuit i.e. Chest of the costume. The swimsuit is functioned to operate in a way that if water pressure and level rise above normal, the GSM signal generator would send an automatic text to the cellphones of the parents or guardian of the child. In the meantime, the airbag would launch automatically, keeping the child afloat.

According to Asma, if the swimsuit is able to function as she has planned, this would be a very useful and successful project for not only her but for parents and children and many lives would be saved from the risk of drowning. Currently, the swimsuit is undergoing transitions and modifications until it runs right as it is planned to. Once all necessary implementations and modifications are done, the swimsuit shall be launched officially.

This is also one of those times when the women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia outshine themselves amongst the rest and bring forth a fresh and unique idea. Not only that, but Asma aims to transform the concept that women have the bright minds to enter into the field of engineering and technology just as men. Through Asma, a message has been sent out to the globe that the Kingdom treats women just as fairly as the men in their society when it comes to education and advancements that could help benefit and save lives not only across the entire Kingdom but also in most affected countries around the globe.

With this, if the swimsuit is released later this year, most of the parents wouldn’t mind spending money on this costume. However, Asma did not mention anything regarding how costly this swimsuit would turn out to be and whether every other parent in the Kingdom would be able to afford it or not.

Source: Arab News

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