Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Saudi man finds 20 Year Old Cheat Sheet in his Car

When we are young, we do a lot of things that do not make sense later on in our lives. We often wonder if we could’ve done things differently and how they might have affected our current situation. These acts range from petty natured to some of the slightly more serious nature. Young students whether we like it or not often try to cheat on their exams. This is not true for all the students as some young students are strictly against cheating or helping out other students when they are not allowed by the teacher or other authoritative figures.

Cheating might not be a sinister or evil attempt at undermining the authority of the school or institution, but it is also done for a kick or excitement. The most important part of cheating is however, to remove any and all evidence of cheating once you are done, and do not get caught red handed. Somebody obviously did not tell this Saudi man about getting rid of all the evidence and he too seemingly forgot about it for a long time. The Saudi man in question took a rather unwilling yet surprising trip down memory lane.  The Saudi man found in his ear a piece of paper which he had used to cheat in his school once upon a time. This might be a normal issue if it would have been a few days after the cheating, however this Saudi man found the chit or piece of paper  lodged in his year after a mind boggling 20 year.

In accordance to the report by the local newspapers in the Kingdom, the unnamed man had discovered the piece of paper only after he started to feel extreme pain only this week. Initially the Saudi man thought that the pain he felt in the neck and ear was only some dirt trapped in his ear. The Al Jazirah media house stated that the Saudi man graduated from university, subsequently for married and even had children, however he entirely forgot about the paper which had been stuffed in his ear.

With age, the immense pain in his ear began, when he finally visited the clinic to have the pain sorted out, he had been told by the attending doctor, that a piece of paper had been lodged into his ear and was the main cause of  the pain that he had been feeling. However the same newspaper has also reported that the man had not been proud of his own actions. He went on to call upon his own children and other youngsters not to cheat in school.

To preserve the history behind the piece of paper intact, the Saudi man had the paper taken out and took it with him as a memorabilia. He said he wanted to advise his children not to do the same mistakes as him. The cheat sheet was not in fact from university but from his school years, and the paper helped him pass the exam.

Source: Al Arabiya

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