Monday, February 1, 2016

Sewage Water in Al Aziziah, Al Hamra affects the image of Jeddah

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has fast gained the reputation of being the modern metropolis and having modern cities and infrastructure up to the level of the best of the best. This image is not only a concoction of fairy tales told to the local people, but the tales of grandeur which were shared by foreigners visiting the country for short term or long term basis.  Keeping in mind that the world now conceives the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a modernized country in terms of infrastructure and development, it is expected that each and every part of the Kingdom maintains this image and provides the adequate upkeep and maintenance that it needs.

In the city of Jeddah, an important issue which is hardly reported in newspapers. There was a severe leakage of sewage on to the streets and had brought about with them a strong foul odor which had spread across various different regions of the Al Hamra district of Jeddah city. This foul odor and puddles of sewage has caused the image of one of the most affluent and posh neighborhoods in the city of Jeddah to tarnish. The residents of the Al Hamra district had been regularly complaining about the major sewage leak in their area. The same area also has one of the biggest private hospitals located on Palestine Street. This has caused a serious health risk and health concern for all the local residents, patients and visitors at the hospital.

The same kind of issues has been previously faced by the resident of Al Aziziah district. A Pakistani national, resident of Al Aziziah district stated that he has to change his route to the destination almost every second week as some streets are full of sewage water. “We have been suffering from the foul odor emanating from these swamps and the danger posed by the breeding of disease-carrying insects. Moreover, we fear our clothes getting dirty on our way to the mosque,” said Sayed Kaleem.

A resident of the Al Hamra district, Ahmed Al Wafi has stated that the residents of the area have been finding it extremely difficult in reaching home due to the accumulation of sewage water in the various streets, which in turn is causing massive traffic jams. The overflowing sewage has become a part of the daily problems and there is no solution in sight. This sewage leak is not a onetime occurrence and has been leaking for quite some time; however no action was taken by the authorities.

Another local resident, Ahmed Al Zahrani has stated that this accumulation of sewage has made the area a sort of breeding ground for all sorts of insects, mosquitoes and various diseases.  Mohammed Aburashid, another resident, stated that a tanker driver has been contracted in order to remove the sewage from the sewage tanks from his house so that it does not overflow. The sewage has made movement in the area very problematic.

Resident Abdullah Ba Abbas has stated that this continuous flow of sewage will cause various diseases amongst the local residents. He has also severely criticized the government and related authorities for failing to tackle the issue. Aburakan stated that this continuous flow of sewage has caused several people to move out of Al Hamra into other cleaner districts. He added that a fast solution is needed for this problem and the sewage is giving a very negative image of the neighborhood. He also added that residents are dependent on tankers to collect the sewage from their homes, inadvertently raising the cost of living.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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