Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Up to SR 5 million Prize for any information about anyone of these 9 terrorists

Terrorism has become the biggest challenge for Saudi Arabia these days. Several Saudi natives besides outside terrorist have taken part in several attack and bomb blast which resulted in loss of many lives. In August 2015 native terrorists targeted a Mosque in Abha. The suicide attack aimed praying persons when a suicide bomber blew himself which caused death of eleven security guards and four expatriate Bangladeshi workers. It also injured 33 people seriously who are still in the process of recovery. Ministry of Interior immediately started investigations and found 9 natives involved in the incident. The mosque which suicide bomber struck was situated in a mosque inside the headquarters of the Special Emergency Force in Abha which is capital of Asir province.

The 9 Saudi terrorists are still out of police custody and forces are in search to chase them as soon as possible. Security forces have published their pictures on social media in order to let people aware about their identity and appearance. The suicide bomber Yousuf Sulaiman Abdullah Al-Sulaiman was also Saudi national and forces shared details about the pre blast activities he performed with public.  Security forces have offered reward for public if anyone will identify presence of any of these Saudi terrorists. Due to seriousness of matter and terrorism threats, security forces have announced reward up to SR 1 million for informing about presence of one of these terrorists. This reward offer was issued under Royal Decree on Nov.20, 2003. In case any person informs about more than one of these terrorists he will be rewarded with SR5 million. If a person tries to foil any terrorist attack by providing information about he will be rewarded with SR7 million.

The attack on mosque also involved a Saudi soldier named Salah Al-Shahrani who joined terrorist for their pathetic cause.  Ministry has exposed the identities of all these terrorists in order to help people to identify them and inform forces in case they find them anywhere. The suicide bomber Al-Sulaiman came to Riyadh from Al-Jouf where terrorist group comprising of Saudi natives provided him shelter and created plan for suicide attack. Till blast Al-Sulaiman stayed in an apartment of Al-Falah district Security forces soon busted the apartment where suicide bomber was present but his helpers helped him to move to another place in Dhrumah. At the same place he was provided complete training of wearing and exploding bombs and other explosives.

When his training completed, he was transferred from Riyadh to Asir with the help of another Saudi national terrorist named Falah Al-Harbi who was later arrested by security forced on Sept. 29, 2015. At the end of training phase, Al-Sulaiman was takne to mosque by taking help of a soldier of Special Emergency Force.

The terrorist group sought help of that soldier by brain washing his uncle Saeed Ayedh Saeed Al-Daer Al-Shahrani who later influenced him with his deviant ideology. After the blast, two Saudi national terrorist and the soldier were arrested whereas 9 of them are still escaped. 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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