Monday, February 29, 2016

What does manhood mean and how do women view it?

Hanan, an administrator in a school located in Al Khobar, had earlier been jobless and trying to find a job because her father, who was the sole earner in the family, had passed away. The women in a desperate attempt contacted her male cousin, a senior manager in a huge company. Even despite pleading for any job to support her siblings and their disabled mother, the cousin did nothing. Hanan eventually found help from a friend of their late father who had been working in the Education Ministry. Ever since that moment, Hanan never saw men the same way again.

We can ask ourselves, what really is manhood? And how do women view manhood? Naturally women and men do not classify manhood the same way. The Al Riyadh Daily had posted this same question the public and received answers which showed a liking towards values and loyalty. Hanan learned that a man should be only judged on how he behaves. Naturally she assumed that her first cousin would stand by her in her time of need and desperation. Her cousin was influential and could easily find her a job, however his words meant nothing and the words of her father’s friend did.

Another woman Sharifa, a mother of four, stated that she only judges a man on how they abide to their principles and how he upholds his promises. Every woman wants their husband to be that type of man who will stick by her through thick and thin, even in cases when she has health problems or problems of any kind. Manhood to her means that men should uphold their role as a man and treat women respectfully. Ghayda B, who is a local college student in the Kingdom, stated that several Saudi origin men often do not fulfill their responsibilities and also don’t stand by their women whenever their women needs them, but expect their women to stand by them when the men need them.

In accordance to the assistant professor of sociology at the Umm Al Qura University, Dr. Abdulghani Al Harbi, the society in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has judged and currently judges the manhood of a man based on specific values. The one which holds the most importance is how helpful he is towards other men or women. A large number of the members of the public are judging a man based upon their attitude or the style or way in which they handle certain situations.

Dr. Al Harbi stated that he thinks that some people easily get confused as to what is the real meaning of manhood. It is under no circumstance fair to criticize any man or to question their manhood just due to the fact that they refused or could not help you. It may be such that the man does not view manhood in the same way, maybe the man believes that he cannot help or even should help somebody else. Remember men have a different perspective to the question, what really is manhood?

Source: Saudi Gazette

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