Monday, February 15, 2016

Why 5% of University Students are drug addicts in Saudi Arabia?

The younger years of every boy and girl are perhaps the most stressful years for their parents. The western media, since decades has been trying to influence the younger people (teenagers or older) to push them towards a life of drugs. Now they might not be coming straight out and saying “DO DRUGS” but it is their actions which indicate so. Since about the time of the Hippies, where everybody was either getting high or thinking about getting high, drugs and most notable a few drug lords have been portrayed as heroes of the youth culture and also the drug culture, which seems to be incorporated into the youth culture.

Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and most recently prescription pills like oxycontin etc. have been familiarized into our youth and drug barons such as Al Capone, Pablo Escobar and the fictional character Tony Montana have all been set up to portray a cool or likeable image to the youth. It is hence natural that so many youngsters are involved in taking drugs. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the National Anti Drugs Committee has just disclosed that around 5 percent of the university students in the Kingdom are addicted to drugs whereas around 10 percent are regular smokers. The women program director at the Committee, Awatif Al Diraibi stated that around SAR 34 million worth of illegal drugs had been seized in the Kingdom in the last year. The story was quoted by the Al Watan daily.

These illegal drugs pose a serious threat to the human body due to the fact that they can create several mutations to different parts of the body. These drugs can also cause the eyes to bulge, pupils to dilate and to also redden. Drugs can also infect the nasal mucous membrane and can also be the cause of cancer in the human body. Additionally the treatment in case of drugs is not generalized or unified. Every drug addict or user must undergo a social, medical and psychological assessment. Each drug user or addict will require different methods of treatment best suited for them. The responsiveness of the user to the treatment will determine the duration of the treatment.

Apart from the health problems, there are several legal consequences attached to taking, smuggling or selling drugs. The drug smugglers more often than not are executed via a death sentence. Dealers are usually fined and arrested on their first time being caught, whereas they are executed if caught again. She also added that those drug users or addicts who come to the committee for treatment will not face legal consequences.

There are several financial, social and psychological factors which lead to the use of drugs. The addiction can very well be hereditary. She added that often simply smoking is the gateway needed to enter the world of drugs. Nicotine addiction is usually the first step on the way to using drugs; however this is not true in all cases.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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