Saturday, February 27, 2016

Why Consumer related Complaints increased by 50 times during the past 3 Years?

The percentage of the complaints at the reporting center of the Ministry of Commerce has increased by 50 times over the last three years. This is particularly due to the immense trust which has been placed by consumers on the ministry after all of the efforts done by the Ministry to protect the rights of all the consumers over the last few years. Mega shopping centers and particularly those that have multiple branches have been challenged by a huge number of complaints which were received by Ministry of Commerce and which require quite a long time and immense effort to address.

Companies and businessmen are not at all worried about their trade’s future or their reputation except for the complaints which are lodged to the Ministry of Commerce by the consumers. Something which is even worse is that the online campaigning often seen on the social media platforms with solid documented proof in the form of either videos and photos. It is quite unfortunate that several of these companies or businessmen never even think about giving their employees such as those in the customer service or sales sector, proper training to perform their tasks more efficiently and to allow them to deal with the customers in a better way in order to ensure a good image of the brand / company or individual.

It is perhaps safe to say that it is because of the lack of training found in the majority of the sales and customer service representatives that a complaint gets to such an extent that the Ministry of Commerce is involved and are forced to step in.  Many of the staff does not have the positive behavior or attitude needed to deal with the customers. Those companies who have a customer service or sales department which is completely aware of the various systems and ways in which the rights of the consumers are protected and how they can manage any and all problems keeping these systems in mind, will ultimately benefit from having a consumer friendly and likeable image.

The skill of the sales and customer service department of any company is actually the consumer face to the brand or company. How often have we gone into any outlet or store and have had a bad experience with either the sales staff or customer service staff and we decide that we will never shop in that outlet again. Even though we might stop visiting just one outlet of the brand or company, the overall image of the company is negatively affected. We then proceed to tell everyone and share on social media how we have faced problems and a bad experience. This in turn sets a negative image of the company in the eyes of your friends on social media and all those people who you personally told about the experience.

While opening any outlet or other business which directly deals with consumers, the business owners or company should be primarily concerned with proper training of their staff in order to ensure smooth running of the business and a good image of the brand.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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