Sunday, March 6, 2016

13 Problems Faced by women who Wear Abayas

  1. The sleeves of the Abaya seem to hang, which in turn dips into each and every one of your favorite dishes. To top it all off, those Abayas which have been made for semi-formal events such as dinner parties usually have wide and long sleeves.
  2. Those women who wear an Abaya will almost certainly trip at least one time while walking up or down a flight of stairs. Naturally some women carry something with them, so balancing after tripping is also hard.
  3. A common replacement from climbing steps is to take the escalator, however the fabric pooling around near the ankle area serves as an optimum trap in the escalator. That is why some women with longer Abayas hold up their Abayas while on the escalator.
  4. Size matters a lot in Abayas. People of a certain height will almost never find the Abaya in their size off the rack and will need to get it tailored. Those women on the healthier or shorter side will probably need to get their Abaya trimmed from the bottom. Those women who are slim and tall will have to trim their Abaya to avoid looking like they are drowning in fabric.
  5. The buttons on the Abaya are the most important component; however it seems that it has a mind of its own. Whenever women sit in their cars or sit down, a few buttons always feel it is appropriate to pop open. Though it takes a minute to close again, it is still a hassle.
  6. Most females know what an Ombre is. It is a highly intricate color pattern on your hair which merges colors to show a sort of colored blend involving earthy browns, blonde and black on top. Unfortunately the sand from the deserts turns the Abayas into Ombre design, whether we want it or not. It has to be cleaned daily in order to look presentable.
  7. A light colored Abaya is essential for the hotter months. However unlike their black counter parts which really hide or camouflage any stains, the lighter colors seem to highlight them. Plus if you do spill something, it is likely that there will not be a replacement on hand so you have to do with a wash in the bathroom.
  8. The darker colors, although spill safe, act like an oven during the hotter, sunny days. The lighter ones are better, however they do are just too hot. The desert weather makes everyone and everything itchy and sweaty.
  9. If you are into jogging, you will know that the Abaya is the inner lazy person in all of us. Even other than jogging, any other physical activity is looked upon by the Abaya which in turn makes us trip and cause injuries.
  10. If you are trying to look nice by wearing high heels, your Abaya will not like it. It is highly likely that the heel will get stuck in the bottom of your Abaya and make you trip. If you are wearing a thin heel, then it will probably rip a hole in your Abaya.
  11. It can get really windy in some parts of the Kingdom; if your Abaya is loose it will like to blow in the wind. Those familiar with the Marilyn Monroe pose will know how it is to control the Abaya in the wind.
  12. Some Abayas have a killer instinct as they tend to ride up to the neck and put a strangle hold on us.
  13. Every city in the region has different dos and donts. In the more conservative parts it is recommended only to wear black Abayas.

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