Monday, March 21, 2016

2 Expatriates held with “Magic Stone” and SR 1.6 million cash in Madinah

Smuggling of narcotics is a pressing issue for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, despite the grave consequences these smugglers face if caught. The Road security forces of Madinah have recently apprehended two expats of Asian origin. It is reported that the two expats had been caught in possession of a huge amount of money which amounts to SAR 1.6 million and also several talismans. The two Asian expats in question had been riding a car which was Japanese manufactured, when they were stopped on the Yanbu to Madinah highway. The security forces which stopped them became suspicious of the two men and began to search the two men and their vehicle.

The security forces found on the two Asian expats several talismans. A talisman is a small object or amulet which bears magical symbols and is usually worn for protection against the supernatural and the evil spirits. These talismans have a huge variety of uses and each talisman is made specifically with the intention of helping an individual. When the car was searched, the security forces found a backpack on the backseat which contained the huge amount of money and also a piece of metal which had writings which could not be understood by the authorities. When the two Asian expats could not say anything about the source of money and could also not explain why they were in possession of the talisman, they were promptly arrested and also handed over to the concerned authorities.

The security forces stated that the case of the two Asian expat men was one amongst several arrests which were made by the authorities on the Madinah to Yanbu highway. The security forces added that the highway patrol group had also earlier stopped a man along with his wife at a checkpoint. The married couple was found to be in possession of over 90,000 narcotics pills, a weapon and more than SAR 200,000 in cash hidden inside the car.

Another highway patrol unit working along the same highway had also earlier stopped a man at the highway and the man was found to be in possession of an unknown number of narcotics pills. The security forces added that these individuals who engaged in these illegal activities may succeed once in evading the authorities and slipping past the authorities with the narcotics, however it does not work all the time. Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries around the world which still have the death penalty for the transportation, manufacture or sale of any and all narcotics including marijuana, hashish, opium, heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

Despite the grave repercussions, there are still numerous people who try to smuggle narcotics into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These smugglers, peddlers or mules are now resorting to travelling with their wife while transporting the illegal product. This is because the authorities are more likely to search a lone man or a group of men, rather than a married couple.

Source: Arab News

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