Wednesday, March 2, 2016

23 Countries where Same Sex Marriages are allowed

If you look around in the entire world today, you will find men killing men. I believe this is the wrath from Allah for our bad deeds. The hardest punishment Allah has ever given to anyone was the people of Hazrat Loot A.S. They were involved in Gay relationships. Though this is a highly debated issue in the liberal countries, those of us living in Muslim countries or are following the religion of Islam know that in accordance to the teachings of Islam, homosexuality has been strongly forbidden. It cannot be argued that the teachings of Islam are in fact in accordance with science and reasoning and there isn’t any unreasonable demand or teaching placed upon Muslims by their religion.

Generally, it is believed that men and women were created to complete each other, to fulfill each other’s needs, wants and desires. Men and women have been created different in order to allow them to carry on their blood line and grow their family. This, however, is not the view found in all. All those who are reading this might remember that the flag bearer of western liberalism the United States of America recently legalized Homosexual marriage all over their land. They, however aren’t the only country to allow homosexuals to legally get married. Here are some countries from around the world which allow same sex marriage;

  1. Netherlands has had same sex marriage since April 2001.
  2. Belgium legalized homosexual marriage in June of 2003.
  3. South Africa allowed same sex marriage in November of 2006.
  4. Argentina allowed homosexual marriage on the 22nd of July 2010.
  5. New Zealand allowed homosexual marriage in April of 2013.
  6. Spain legalized same sex marriage in July 2004.
  7. Canada legalized homosexual marriages back in July of 2005.
  8. Norway allowed same sex marriage in the country in January of 2009.
  9. Sweden legalized same sex marriage in May of 2009.
  10. Iceland legalized same sex marriage in June of 2010.
  11. Portugal also legalized homosexual marriages in June of 2010.
  12. Denmark allowed same sex marriage in the country in June of 2012.
  13. France legalized same sex marriage in May of 2013.
  14. United Kingdom allowed same sex marriages in the country on 17th July 2013 after passing a bill called “Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013.
  15. Brazil recognizes same sex marriages or unions since 2004; however the country ended all prohibition on these unions as of 2013.
  16. Uruguay legalized same sex marriages in the country in August of 2013.
  17. Scotland legalized same sex marriages in the country from March 12, 2014
  18. Luxembourg is another country which recently allowed same sex marriages in the country in January of 2015.
  19. United States of America has legalized same sex marriages since June 26, 2015.
  20. Ireland: November 16, 2015
  21. Mexico congress approved a bill on 22nd December 2015 to allow people from same sex to get married in Mexico.
  22. Finland has currently approved the same sex marriages; however it will become legal in March 2017.
  23. Colombia: Same-sex marriage has been legal in Colombia since April 2016
You may notice that none of these countries are Muslim. Muslim countries because of the religion of Islam clearly and strongly condemn same sex marriages. Like I stated earlier, because God has made man and woman different in such a way that they complement each other and complete each other, we should not work against God’s ways and we should respect the natural laws which are set by God for the functioning of all human beings.

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