Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2.5 Years Jail, SR 25,000 fine to anyone crossing Border illegally

Due to increasing grudges between Yamen and Saudi Arabia border rules have made stricter by Saudi Government. According to new law if anyone is found violating border rules will be punished duly. The punishment will be monetary and in the form of imprisonment or both. During past times, there have been number of events when people mistakenly or intentionally crossed borders and later justified it by stating that they went across due to lack of border information.

Ministry of defense has circulated order that in case anyone would be found crossing border even if the person has herd with it. The violator would be fined up to SR 25,000 and imprisonment of 30 months.  During last days according to spokesman of Border Guard of Northern border there were number of people arrested while they were attempting to cross border. The arrested people claimed that they had no intention to cross border illegal instead they were looking for truffles. Authorities released them after complete investigations but new circular has been issued stating that people should have knowledge about border limits.

Even any valid excuse will not be taken from now for crossing border. At each border there is a zone up to 24 Kilometer which is banned for entrance for everyone. Only concerned security personnel are allowed to enter there.

This step has been taken in order to ensure security of Saudi citizens and expatriates. There are number of people who try to cross Saudi border in order to enter in neighboring countries for many reasons. Some want jobs and some want to escape by strict rules of KSA. From now onwards no excuse will be entertained by authorities and people would face tough time if there would be any attempt in regard of border limit violations.

Source: Arab News

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