Wednesday, March 23, 2016

25 Years Old Woman Jailed for committing fraud with 600 people worth SR 500 million

It is reported in Al-Hayat that A Saudi woman was punished with imprisonment for a year in jail for making money SR 500 million unlawfully. It is one of the biggest financial cons in Saudi Arabia, Al-Hayat reported. A young Saudi woman having her name as Woman of tricks, fraud with over 600 persons and they bear financial loss. It is reported by a source that more than 600 citizens and residents file a case against a young Saudi lady, with the tag name “Woman of deception”, for misguiding them and stealing their money.

It is stated by the sources that the woman who is in talks is not an old woman. Surprisingly she is very young lady who is only 25 years of age. Her way of crime is that first she goes to people and tell them about her bogus and fake companies. She pretends as she is the owner of a charity group or organization. She claims to be a famous stock market agent and supplier of many other services. She has many setups and traps and performs the roles of many characters to commit fraud. The sufferers of her deceitful actions pay her money in cash form for the facilities she commits to provide without any written agreements or documentation of the deal.

The woman is so cunning and smart that she satisfies and convinces her victims so confidently that some of them trust her fake and bogus proposals immediately. Some of her victims said the woman was very convincing that she could convince anyone of anything. She was an efficient dealer of her fake products and services. Many of them were impressed straightaway that they paid her money in cash or even dropped money in her bank account. Not only that, she also issued bogus cheques to many of her victims as an amount of a business transaction,” said the source.

According to the sources, the woman is under arrest now. While the case of the fraudulent woman was in the court she was detained in a care home in Makkah. It is demanded by many lawyers and legal counselors that she should be punished with maximum sentence for this fraud. The source further explained that after detailed and full investigation and careful arguments the Penal Court in Makkah sent the woman to the jail and punished her with an imprisonment for a term of a year.

It is stated that it is the duty of the general public that they must be alert and careful of such frauds in the society. They should check the documents and papers without finalizing any deal. Without the documentation they should not give money in cash or cheque to any stranger. The woman was very clever as she would sign agreements with signatures which cannot be traced. It was one of the biggest scam case reported so far in the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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