Wednesday, March 23, 2016

28 Days Old Baby Girl is raped in INDIA

India is famous for higher rate of crimes and violence against females. The crime of rape against women is increasing every day. A study shows that every 20 minutes a girl is raped in India. Law enforcement authorities have failed badly to control the situation. The situation is same even in Delhi, the capital of India, which was also labeled as rape capital. A recent incident is more heart breaking and shocking for humanity i.e. 28 days old baby girl was raped by a scoundrel. This heinous act was committed when parents of the poor baby who was less than a month of age were not at home.

It is mentioned that they were away for casting a vote in some elections. It is alleged that the infant girl was raped by a male of 25 years of age in village named “Asif Nagla”. The village is in the jurisdiction of police station of “Khurja Dehat” in “Buland Shahr”.  Superintendent Police Pankaj Panday told the media that this incident happened on Saturday as the parents were away to cast their votes in elections of “Gram Pradhan”. Witnesses say that the infant was bleeding profusely and she was taken in this condition to Khurja’s government Hospital. The doctors of Hospital examined the infant’s condition and referred her to the higher care centre, as explained by the police officials.

FIR against villager Namino of 25 years of age is registered. When contacted, police officials confirmed about registration of FIR and added that the accused person is absconding and police is searching him. Statistics tell us that rape incidents are increasing every day in India. Law enforcing agencies have proved to be a big failure in catching the criminals of cases like this.

Matter of fact is that whole society needs reform in order to cope with the cases like this. Saudi Arabia is often criticized for giving strict punishments but people must realize that because of these strict punishments according to Islamic criminal law have eliminated crimes from the society and every one especially women are safe from the heinous acts like these.

Source: Khaleej Times

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