Sunday, March 27, 2016

31 Years old Filipino searching for his father, finally receives a call from his Saudi Dad

A Saudi man found his son who has been searching for his father for 15 years. The son is a Filipino and his father belongs to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi man met a friend from his social circle during 1984-85 who found potential of partnership in each other. The couple spent time together for a short duration as they could not prolong for long time. After breakup, the Filipino woman went back to her homeland and the man did not know that he had a son too. Elayan Kris Allafi (the son) who is now 31-year-old came to know about existence of his father when he was 17 years old. He felt himself incomplete without his recognition and kept on finding his father to complete his identity. After a long struggle, one day after 15 years of his search, he got a call from a Saudi man who claimed that he is his father.

Out of excitement, Elayan Kris Allafi could not even think for a while. He kept on waiting for this moment 15 years of his life and finally the desired moment was at his doorstep. The Saudi man not only claimed that he is his father but also agreed to undergo all medical and legal procedures of identification.  DNA test will help the Filipino to complete his identity and the Saudi man will legal declare him his son after the DNA result, this is what Elayan Kris Allafi told reporters and media. He after getting phone call from his suspected father called all news channels and thanked them for helping him find his father. He stated that it is the most precious moment of his life and he feels himself complete. According to Elayan the agreement of Saudi man to declare him, his son officially has boost up his confidence a lot and his is very thankful to Allah who made it possible.

His wife told media that he is very excited after hearing voice of his father for the very first time in life and now they are planning details about DNA test and other legal procedures. Elayan Allafi showed as evidence the letters written by his father to his mother during 1984 and also some pictures, and other documents bearing name and postal address of sender.

The Saudi man and his son both want to be sure about genetic inheritance and agreed over DNA process. After the birth of Elayan Allafi, her mother returned to Philippine and Allafi was raised in a Christian community. His name is quite different from Filipino names but he retained his surname in the hope to see his father one day.

He is known as Arabia son in Philippine and has been working in Malaysia since 2005. He is so confident about meeting his father and has resolved to visit two Holy mosques with his wife in order to perform Umrah for being thankful to God. He has also started seeking knowledge about Islam and trying hard to be a good Muslim. May Allah bless him and his father with happiness for rest of the life, Amen!

Source: Arab News

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