Wednesday, March 30, 2016

4 Dangers associated with Carpenter Shops in Saudi Arabia

Carpentry is a major industry in KSA. It has grave significance as people like stylish wood work and appealing furniture for their houses, offices and other business units. It is the largest form of manual trade in KSA. Usually the profession of carpentry moves in family circuits and this profession transfers from father to his son and so on. It requires innovation and creation time to time according to changing needs and demands of customers. People change their taste rapidly due to increasing impact of globalization. A best carpenter who works well in KSA is the one who can present unique and appealing designs to customers according to their tastes. Education has nothing to do with carpentry. It is normally taken as family business. There are number of big furniture and wood work show rooms which evolved from small wood shops. The heirs of these business tycoons prefer being associated with their family business even if they get education from international universities.

  1. There are several risks for being involved in the carpenter profession. The danger involves all dimensions including social, environment, economic and health issues. These dangers have to be faced by line management and low level workers who are directly involved in wood cutting and fining process. The health issues in carpentry industry are evident and there are no proper precautionary measurements taken. Workers employed on small carpenter shops have to face health hazards openly.
  2. Normally people want to get unique designs which are not known by these carpenters. When they get committed for a new design they take a long time to deliver order. For this purpose the wood material remain in stock in warehouses. Al-Madinah Munawarrah Road in Riyadh is completely covered with wood warehouses which is a great danger same like a time bomb. In case a single wood catches fire, there would be a big disaster in whole community.
  3. Many big shops import unique and costly furniture from outside countries including Tables, chairs, bedroom sets and other items. These imports are normally done from China, Egypt and Turkey and offer readymade furniture to customers instead of placing order and waiting long for delivery. If customers will continue buying such imported furniture then what is the need left behind for issuance of new licenses to local carpenters. In case unnecessary licenses would be issues, it would only create junk from outside in furniture industry and would cause no further aid in increasing GDP of country.
  4. Saudi natives along with other professions avoid working as carpenters due to health reasons. It many cause chest and lung infections due to continuous interaction with sawdust and different chemicals. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry and municipality should take strict action against carpenter shops which are causing damage to environment. Many of the workers, working on small furniture shops are low skilled and working without training which is itself a major threat to health of these workers and citizens as well.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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