Friday, March 25, 2016

5 Classes of Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia

There are several other expats like Rashid who lived here, whether for long or temporarily basis. There are four type of foreign people lived in Saudi Arabia whether they are having Arabs backgrounds or other nationals. Some of the people stay there for long period, settled their families their so they consider Saudi Arabia as their homeland. Some visited there for job purposes and then go back to home after earning enough money and good fortunes. Here are the details of the four classifications of the expats who are living in Saudi Arabia. 

  1. The first group represents the employees of owners of simple businesses. They are being supported by sole persons. This category includes drivers, guards, farmers and domestic or local workers. According to unofficial figures and data, the number of this category of people is over a million and a half. These residents are receiving appropriate earnings and wages. The number of Asians among these people is almost 75 percent.
  2. The second group of people is doctors, engineers and accountants who work in the private sector. Most of them are well-educated and qualified. They choose to stay on a temporary basis for a short time and will return to their home countries at last.
  3. Mechanics in repairs, technician, plumbing, construction work and hairstylists are classified as the third group of people. This is the most common type of category which consists of majority of inhabitants. The estimate shows that there are 3.5 million of such residents and they are making enough amounts of money. According to financial statistics, they earn almost 10,000 riyals per month. The majority of the people in this category are those who have gained experience and skills from Saudi Arabia.
  4. The fourth group of people is those whose parents were not Saudis but they were born in Saudi Arabia. They are constitutes of the three other categories. But they consider themselves to be treated specially on the basis of their stay in the country. They believed that their connection with the traditions and social ethics of its folks and their loyalty with the Kingdom are very strong. The majority of people who represents this group are Palestinians who are about 400,000 in number, then comes Yemenis who lived in Saudi Arabia and consider it as their homeland. In this category there are refugees also which is also known as Albramawih. They are living largely in number in Makkah, Jaddah and Taif.
  5. These Residents claim themselves to be treated in public or government hospitals. But The Ministry of Health refused this demand by saying that health insurance would be allowed to those who are legal residents and having legal residency permits. It means that to get the treatment in private hospitals would be on the expenditure of the insurance company. On the contrary, inhabitants are having opposite view that the truth is somewhat different. Most of the private insurance IDs are false and fake, which is a popular practice to complete the procedure in the Passport Department and the labor bureau. These fake insurance cards do not entitle them to demand any right to get treatment. If they were to have health welfares they get them at modest level hospitals. Some residents told to the Saudi Gazette that insurance costs are not affordable for a low income workers as they have to pay over 40 thousands Saudi Riyals for a single-family consisting of five fellows.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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