Sunday, March 13, 2016

6 reasons why married women have extramarital affairs?

An extramarital affair is a taboo subject in our society, it is an absolute no-no topic of conversation in social gatherings and it is like a dead body in the closet. Extra marital affairs are common for men and if not approved are often ignored but if a woman is having an affair she will be shunned by the society. Women will talk behind her back and men will keep their wives away from her. Though we do not approve women having affairs outside marriage but there are certain reasons for this act and people, especially men need to understand these reasons if they do not want their wives to have a relationship with another man. It is very important to mention here that this article is not written specifically for any particular region, it applies to the entire world. 6 reasons why women often go for extramarital affairs are as follows;

  1. Women need to be appreciated and need to be connected with their husbands, as mentioned earlier materialistic things are not that important, she needs date nights, not movie nights, she needs to spend quality time with her husband having a conversation about anything in life, not him  watching TV or busy on his phone. In these circumstances, she is bound to bond with the closest male relationship in her life resulting in an extramarital affair.
  2. Bodily needs are a natural thing and every person has them, if a husband does not satisfy his wife’s bodily needs then she will look for the satisfaction somewhere else. A husband should appreciate his wife and let her know that she is still attractive and worthy to be lust after.
  3. Women need to be nurtured; they want their husband to care about her. Husbands should understand that asking an occasional ‘have you were eaten?’ does not harm instead wife thinks that she is important for her man and he cares for her. Apart from this, helping her with household chores or caring for the children after sending her to a spa so that she can relax helps a relationship a lot.
  4. When a man comes home and sits in front of TV saying they are tired then a wife feels that she is just a house sitter for him and she is not a partner. Husbands should share their office life with wives and should seek their opinion and recommendations. A husband should treat her wife as a partner and discuss each other’s day will help strengthen a relationship.
  5. Women are attracted towards men who are ambitious, who have hobbies and who are outgoing. If a husband is boring and if he only goes to the office, comes home, have dinner and go to sleep, his wife is bound to get bored and will look for some other form of entertainment.
  6. A woman is made with love and deserves love from her spouse. She is a maid of the house, babysitter for the children, laundress, cook and many other things, and she does not mind playing these roles as long as she is getting respect and love from her husband. Though monetary things are important in life for every person but if a woman is getting all the luxuries without love then it is not enough for her and after years of living an empty life she will look for another source of love.
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