Sunday, March 6, 2016

7 Etiquettes of using Whatsapp, the Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you are in public or private if you look around, you will find people deeply engrossed in their hand held technology. Whatsapp has perhaps become the go-to application which has replaced to quite an extent the standard data calls and SMS services. Keeping in mind that it is such an important and useful component of our daily lives, it would be common sense to use this app in the best way possible and not do anything which might associate a negative image to the use of the whatsapp app.  This however is not so common because people have been failing to adhere to certain unspoken rules or code of conduct of the Whatsapp application.

  1. While texting it is important to be courteous and respond within a reasonable time. Just because you are not talking to the other person face to face, does not give you the right to become a high school attitude girl. Remember it may be something important so respond as soon as possible.
  2. While talking use as many emojis as you can. It has been proven through research that those who send out more emojis usually are perceived as more friendly. However it is important not to go overboard with the emojis. A line has to be drawn to the max amount of reasonable emojis you can send.
  3. Taking screenshots is a risky affair. One has to be careful not to send it to the wrong person, or worse, the same person whose conversation you screenshot.  It is however also recommended not to send any screenshots to group chats as most of the people or some of the people would not know in what context or what meaning you are using the screenshot, plus you wouldn’t want all of them seeing the screenshot.
  4. While we talk about group chats, it is generally understood that the larger number of participants, the more texts or messages there will be in that group, and what comes with those texts or messages, irritating notification noises. Hence it is best to mute the notifications while having a discussion on the group chat. Additionally there is no excuse for wRiTiNg Likeeee ThIS, Ev3r.
  5. Autocorrect can also be one of the trickiest things while using a smart phone. It is generally advised to re check your text before pressing send, because nothing is more upsetting to write I love gangsters, while you are really trying to write I love hamsters, who doesn’t love the GodFather series right?
  6. So there you have it guys, these are the basic and general unspoken and unwritten rules of using the ever so useful Whatsapp application, which has ensured that the mobile service bills are not too heavy on our pockets.
  7. If you find something that has been missed in the article, feel free to list down below, I am sure we might have missed some, however it is important to understand the importance of this application and use it with feeling and do not misuse such a convenience.

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