Saturday, March 12, 2016

8,000 Children abandoned by Saudis in 31 countries get Saudi residence Status

The residence status of around 8000 Saudi children left behind in 31 countries around the world has now been corrected, in accordance to the statement made by the non-governmental organization which is dedicated in working for these type of children. The head of the Charitable Society for the Care for Saudi Families Abroad (also known as Awasir), Tawfiq Al Suwailim, has stated that the organization is currently in contact with Saudi Embassies in 96 different countries around the world, in order to facilitate the travel of upwards of 6,500 people to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  He added that the rate of divorce in intermarriages has increased by 50 percent.

Al Suwailim had stated that the difference in traditions and culture takes its toll on the marriage. Wherever there is divorce, the children will ultimately be the victims. All children of Saudis are also considered as their responsibility he added saying that Awasir is always open to help and provide as much as they can. He lastly said that the rate of marriages which were not arranged are going down and there are organizations spreading information on consequences of being unlawfully married to any foreign woman, or any woman. Meanwhile the American women who had given birth to children from Saudi fathers have now gotten together to create a website named”Saudi Children Left Behind in the US” in a bid to encourage their husbands who had abandoned them after completing their studies in the United States, to return to their children and recognize them officially.

In accordance to the report, the data and names of several prominent Saudis have appeared on to the main website. With their data, you can also see their family photographs with their wife and children and personal photographs on the site. The site hopes to attract these men by letting them know their children want to see them. A source has stated that these cases of Saudi men fathering children with women in America began trending in the 1980s. The entire trend somewhat disappeared during the 1990s, however it has become trending again. Several of the Saudi men had abandoned their American partners after discovering that they were pregnant with their children.

The website has all the data available in English as well as Arabic and has been visited by more than 1.5 million people. A source has also stated that the mothers have contacted Awasir in an attempt to receive some help; however the response has been extremely delayed.

A 27 year old American by the name of Umm Sami had been in a relationship with a Saudi student. She stated that she had converted to Islam just for him and then became pregnant with their baby boy. By the time she was 7 months pregnant Sami’s father had already left them. Now Sami is 3 years old and one day might ask about his father. She says that she neither wants attention or money; she just wants the father to sign the official papers.

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