Friday, March 18, 2016

Basma Ashour Khallaf, a Saudi Student who makes major scientific discovery in Australia

The Saudi youth and students have been setting some impressive records over the last few years; however this next student has just gone above and beyond. A Saudi who is a scholarship student currently studying in Australia has developed and improved a method through which ascaris eggs could be recovered from sludge samples used as a form of natural fertilizer for the agricultural crops. The Saudi student in focus today, Basma Ashour Khallaf who had enrolled in the Biotechnology and Biology PhD course at the RMIT located in Melbourne, Australia has published her project in the International Water Association Journal.

Ascaris or Ascarid, are a parasitic nematode worm belonging to the Ascaridae family which under typical circumstances live in the intestines of vertebrates. These eggs are deposited in the feces and subsequently in soil. Those plants which have the egg on them will infect any and all organisms which consume the infected good. These infestations can cause morbidity which happens after the nutritional status is compromised which in turn affects the cognitive processes including intestinal obstructions (which can be fatal too in some cases) and also tissue reactions.

Khallaf’s supervisor, Andy Ball has stated that this achievement by Khallaf is a significant one and that this will bring the much deserved recognition to Basma’s expertise and research skills. The Saudi cultural attaché, Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Taleb has called Khallaf and has congratulated her on her marvelous achievements. Several big universities and companies, which include the South East Water and ALS Water Resources Group in Australia, and a Saudi Research group which is headed by Dr. Tariq Altalhi from the Taif University have shown great interest in Basma’s project and has also recognized her important discovery.

They have also strongly expressed their desire and willingness to cooperate with Khallaf in the near future in order to share her expertise, knowledge and skills in the area. Basma Ashour Khallaf is truly an inspiration and role model for all young women, not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but to all young Muslim women all around the world who wish to continue their studies. This also serves as a strong reminder to all those socio-liberals who leave no stone unturned while they are bashing the image of the Kingdom and the people living in the Kingdom. It is quite regularly said that the people of the Kingdom live in an oppressed state.  

These comments are however made by western media outlets, who have either never visited the Kingdom or surrounding region, who have never interacted with any people of the Kingdom, or they themselves are being given a false image of the Kingdom and the people of the Kingdom. Basma has brought great pride and joy to all the people of the Kingdom by making such an important discovery which could save hundreds of thousands of people, and even more so over time. We wish all the best to Basma on her future endeavors and may she always keep making the Kingdom proud.

Source: Al Arabiya

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