Thursday, March 17, 2016

Beggars receive SR 700 million in Charity every year in Saudi Arabia

The arrested female and male beggars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have received an astonishing or rather mind blowing SAR 700 million in alms, only in the past one year, in accordance to the recent statistics which have been provided by the MBA students studying at the King Saud University located in Riyadh. The announcement was made during an anti-beggary awareness campaign which had been launched titled “You’re the Reason” or “Anta Alsabab”. Around about 90 percent of all of the beggars who are arrested have been found to either violate the residency law, or to have entered the Kingdom illegally. Hence these people are posing a serious and real threat to the economic and social security of the Kingdom.

One of the organizers of this Anti-Beggary campaign, Abdullah Al Shomar has stated that this campaign has urged people to stop handing out money to beggars who are roaming the streets of the Kingdom. These generous people who give out their money are encouraged to donate the same money via several eligible and authentic formal channels, which are under the control of government authorities and agencies. Another organizer of this Anti-Beggary campaign has stated that stopping the outflow of charities and donations is not the end or solution to the problem. The campaign however plans to aim or direct these same funds to official associations and institutions who are subjected to the state systems and state controls.

One of the organizers of this campaign, Faihan Al Dalbahi has stated that he has made several tours to meet the female and male beggars wherever they could be found begging for money. It was noted by him that these people have taken up begging as a profession which is in turn managed by gangs. Hence it was noted that these people do not beg for money out of need. Al Dalbahi has also called upon all the citizens to participate or interact with this campaign which aims to stop this practice, by heading towards the official charities in order to donate whatever you want to give. Al Dalbahi has stated that the details of this campaign have been now made available on the official twitter account or their official website. (@antalsabb or

The phenomenon of begging is now becoming a real challenge for all the law enforcement agencies as well as citizens, due to the fact that the number of these professional beggars is increasing. Furthermore these people have special tricks and highly developed ways in which they obtain money, and in turn having a negative impact on the civilized Saudi cities and also taking away notable amount from proper charities.

At the moment there are about 800 different associations, groups and charities which have been officially registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and comply with the rules and regulations of operating in the Kingdom. These charities or associations are relying solely and ultimately on all forms of legitimate donations in order to keep functioning and serving those in need.

Source: Arab News

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