Sunday, March 27, 2016

Call Toll Free 938, if Taxi Drivers overcharge you

Cab transport has wide use in KSA where taxi driver roam in streets in order to hunt passengers. For those taxi drivers who charge higher than actual rates, The Ministry of Transport has provided facility of toll free number for citizens for immediate complaint reporting. Any resident who has a complaint regarding unjustified high rates of taxi drivers can call on toll free number 938 for immediate help from police against overcharge of taxi drivers. The Ministry of transport has set fare rates for all destinations and cabbies strictly have to follow the fare rate list. Fare rate meters are also installed in cabs which show the actual charge which passengers have to pay. Sometimes due to emergent situations, passengers may get charged at higher rates from cabbies. Drivers try to take advantage of several situations where passengers have to pay whatever a cabbie asks for. In such situations this is a best solution for passengers to call traffic police immediately for help.

In order to regulate the taxi fare rates, police inspectors keep on taking rounds randomly for keeping strict check on irregularities. Recently an expat who was travelling by taxi called police and mentioned that the flag down is SR5 still, moreover tariff per kilometer has also been reported at SR 2.50. The fare rates have to be examined by Ministry personnel time to time and inspectors have to insure that the given rates are implemented and there is no violation of fare rates. The ministry of Transport has encouraged citizens that in any case if they suspect that they are being overcharged, they should immediately call ministry and file complaint. The toll free number is working properly and operator response efficiently.

The speed rate of inspectors reaching the locations where violations have to be reported is also fast. Recently Petroleum ministry has announced to increase petrol prices up to 50 % that’s why it is expected that cabbies will overcharge passengers by giving lame excuse that petrol prices have increased. The increase in petrol prices has raised concerns at the edge of citizens who don’t have personal transport towards huge increase in fare rates.

It is expected that the usage of taxi would fall down in Kingdom; especially those who used to travel to work through taxi will prefer buses now. Recently the ministry of Transport has also proposed to ban taxis roaming on streets which would result in electronic booking system of taxis from next year. The ministry has completed that phased plan in order to ban taxis from roaming in streets in order to hunt passengers.

The electronic booking may also result in higher charges for passengers but it will somehow facilitate by saving their time. New amendments made by The Ministry of Transport are expected to provide passengers with ease and betterment.

Source: Arab News

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