Friday, March 11, 2016

Egyptian travelled without passport from Jeddah for $7,000 – Egyptian Media

The Passport Department in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has rejected all reports which stated that an expatriate had managed to exit the country without having a passport. The man in question had supposedly left from the KAIA or King Abdul Aziz International Airport. The man, who was stated to be an Egyptian, made a payment of $7000 in order to bypass all the security checks present in the airport in Jeddah and travel to Cairo. The Egyptian claimed his sponsor did not return his passport for the last 4 years.

The official spokesman for the Passport Department stated that though the Jawazat or Passport Department had not yet received any official information or notification from any of the authorities in Egypt who are handling the issue allegedly, the Jawazat has still started an independent investigation in to the verification of the claims made by the Egyptian man. He added that a thorough and comprehensive investigation has started at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport in order to either accredit or discredit the claims which were made and very soon the passport department will have an official stance on the issue, once the investigation is completed and the results finalized.

The spokesman added that the claim put forward by this news that the tight security measures in place at the King Abdul Aziz International Airport were completely untrue and they were nothing but a hoax. He stated that none of the regular expatriate residents can exit the Kingdom without having an exit – reentry or a final exit visa, and most importantly their passports. Those people who have travelled to the Kingdom in order to perform Umrah or on a visit visa will be allowed to exit the country once their visas have been validated and checked thoroughly. He stated that after the boarding pass is issued, the immigration officers on duty at the airport will thoroughly validate both the entry visa as well as the passport. Only after this procedure has been completed, the passport will be stamped for departure from the Kingdom.

The spokesman stated that without the completion of these procedures any passenger would not be allowed entry into the departure lounge. Before the passengers board the bus to take them to the aircraft, their passports and boarding passes are checked once again. The media outlets in Egypt have not yet identified the passenger who made these claims, however they stated that he had travelled from Jeddah to Cairo with only his national Identity card with him.

In related news, the GACA or General Authority for Civil Aviation has just ordered all of the international and domestic airlines to make it compulsory for all passengers to declare any precious metals, jewelry, and cash exceeding SAR 60,000, while also having invoices or other proof of the value of the goods. The GACA stated that the Kingdom has several rules in place for the passengers to fill out forms which declare any items to the customs officials on departure or arrival. Failure to do so will result in consequences.

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