Sunday, March 20, 2016

Expat Driver who stole $36,000 from Pilgrim arrested within 12 hours by Police

The police in Madina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have just arrested a bus driver who had stolen a huge sum of $36,000. This sum of money was not just stolen from anyone but an Arab Pilgrim who had come to the Holy City of Madinah in order to perform pilgrimage. A pilgrim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the most respected person due to many reasons. Firstly, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a host for all of the Muslim pilgrims making their way for the Major Pilgrimage also known as Hajj and the Minor Pilgrimage known as Umrah. Secondly stealing from someone who has come from a foreign land to pray to Allah will not only earn the wrath of Allah, but also the dismay or disregard of the pilgrim.

Colonel Saleh Awad Al Jabri, the supervisor of this investigation has stated that this team had been able to arrest the suspect within only 12 hours after the police had received the report about this incident or robbery. In accordance to the report or statement made by the plaintiff, he had kept a sum of $31,500 and another sum of SAR 18,500 and a mobile phone in his bag and left it in his hotel room, which he presumed would be a safe place to keep his belongings. However once he returned to the hotel room, he noticed that his money bag was missing.

Colonel Al Jabri stated that he and his team took immediate action to apprehend the suspected culprit upon the basis of information which had been provided to them by the plaintiff. The police team apprehended the suspected thief while he had been driving his vehicle from the Holy City of Madinah to the Holy City of Makkah. At first, the driver of the vehicle denied having any knowledge of this money bag. However soon after conducting a search of the vehicle, the police team found the money bag in question, hidden very intricately inside the trunk of the vehicle.

Once the money bag had been found and recovered from the trunk of the car, the driver had no choice left and confessed to hiding the vehicle inside the trunk of the car.  The arrested driver is reported to be of Asian descent, who works as a bus driver on the route between Makkah and Madinah.  The bus driver will be referred on over to the judicial authorities after the police had completed all of their formalities.

The efforts made by Colonel Al Jabri have shown the professionalism and fine training which is equipped by the police authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is nothing short of perfection to apprehend the suspect within the 12 hours and to also recover the hidden money bag from the trunk of the car; and for this the police team along with the Colonel deserve a round of applause and acknowledgement for their great efforts.

Source: Arab News

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