Friday, March 25, 2016

Free SIM Cards and Free Balance to New Expat Workers in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Labor plays important role in the facilitation of expatriate workers working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It looks after all the matters related to the labors. The ministry very often announces decisions taken for the betterment of the expat workers. The Ministry has recently announced that the ministry has a plan to provide free SIM cards and free airtime to all the new expatriate workers, so that the expat workers can contact their families back at home, the ministry and if required they will be available to call their own embassy as well.

This decision taken on Monday by the ministry is highly welcomed by expat workers here in the Kingdom. The expatriate workers are happy with this decision and say that it is highly beneficial and facilitative decision for them. When the decision gets implemented, the new workers who come to Saudi Arabia from different countries will get benefits from this facility. They will feel welcomed in the Kingdom and as they will be able to call their loved ones at home they will be less tensed. The feelings of a stranger at a new place will diminish.

Officials representing Labor Ministry say that very soon this decision will be implemented and with the passage of time these SIM cards with free air time will be available at all International Airports in the Kingdom. The officials also explained that these SIM cards will include free airtime for calling and complimentary messages as well. These SIM cards will facilitate the expatriates to easily communicate connect with their families at their native countries and also with the embassies of their own countries. This step will facilitate the expats and will make their tension diminished.

The expats when arrive the Kingdom, face many problems as a new man in the Kingdom, these SIM cards will help them to call the helpline of Labor Ministry for any assistance and guidance. The help line provides assistance and guidance in many of the foreign languages and it will be a great facility for the expats. This step shows the sincerity of Labor Ministry for the betterment of expat workers and it will protect the rights of expatriates as they land in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We spoke to some expats working here and they were happy with this move and they welcomed the ministry for this move. An expat software engineer, Zafar Hassan, who is working here in Riyadh, expresses his views about this step and he welcomed it. He said that it will be a great facility to help the expats and they will be helped if they face any difficulty at airport when they reach KSA.  Another expat worker Saqib Hamza also praised the Labor Ministry for this initiative and said that because of this facility expatriates will be able to contact their families and inform about their safe arrival and in case of any difficulty they will be at ease to contact labor Ministry to get helped and to know about their rights.

Source: Arab News

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