Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting Tan or Bronze Skin – a new trend among Saudi Women

The women of Saudi Arabia have now found a new way to lose their dark natural skin color. The Saudi women are now opting for the bronze effect which they get by tanning their skin. However instead of relaxing and soaking in the sun for a couple of hours, like all the women around the world do, the Saudi women are now using the latest in technology to aid in the bronzing of their skin. This new preference for bronze skin in Saudi women has arisen after the change in global fashion trends. The dermatologists and doctors have however warned all the people against these products as well as the artificial tanning devices, which they say could lead to skin cancer. Even despite the warnings several of the Saudi women have still insisted on using this latest technology.

Amal Al Saleh, who belongs to Jeddah, stated that despite the fact that the Saudi women have pre existing dark skin, they are still in a competition to book appointments at their nearest tanning salons. Al Saleh believes that they are going with this just to be a part of the global trend. An Employee by the name of Salma Abdul Wahab stated that several of the women are now extremely overwhelmed with the desire to copy or imitate the wish to be a part of fashion trends. A skin consultant at the Asir General hospital, Dr. Thafer Al Qahtani stated that what usually begins as a fun new experience, often leads to skin problems in the future. Those who are exposed to industrial strength ultra violet rays have double the chance of getting cancer.

He stated that the recent reports show that the young women under the age of 30 can increase their chances of skin cancer by up to 75 percent if they decide to use artificial tanning rooms. Only 10 sessions in these tanning rooms per year is enough to cause some noticeable damage to the tanning enthusiasts. The researchers have also found that certain parts of the body are more likely to develop cancer, such as the back and the chest area. Al Qahtani has pointed out that those workers in the field of medicine are usually urging people to use these new devices as less frequently as possible.

This is more important for the teenagers. The International Health Organization has just advised all people under the age of 18 strongly against using these types of devices. He added that the person’s vision can also be negatively affected by these devices hence sunglasses should always be on hand. Some of the people who use tanning products such as lotions, sprays or cream; however all these products use Dihydroxyacetone as their major component.

This was initially produced as a glucose equivalent however it was later noted to change skin color  The tanning pills usually create an increase in melanin in the body of the user; however it also has the ability to negatively affect the user’s blood, liver and vision.

Source: Arab News

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