Thursday, March 31, 2016

Infant Girl died due to Medical Error and Non-Professional Behavior of Medical Staff

An infant girl lost her life in ambulance while she was on her way to children’s hospital due to medical error made by medical team attending her in ambulance. The father of infant girl named Aryam who was only eight month old told the media that his daughter was having difficulty in breathing and for that reason they called an ambulance. She was first taken to Sharourah Public Hospital where doctors at first instance gave her drops for normal breathing. After the initial treatment she was feeling well and her parents took her home back. According to doctors at Sharourah Public Hospital the heart of infant girl was inflated and the cardiologist had to confirm it after detailed checkup. Later at home her condition became even worse and her parents again rushed to hospital to save her life.

The hospital management told them that they have to wait for the arrival of cardiologist which may take few hours. The small girl had no time and her condition became even worse time to time. The doctors were preparing room for operation of infant girl but the time for her was up. Her heart stopped working and doctors recommended her parents to take her to Najran for emergency treatment. The girls were already in worst condition and doctors confirmed that she was suffering from heart inflammation. According to medical report the baby girls had some quantity of milk had gone into her lungs which caused even more damage. Owing to the worst condition of baby girl, the hospital management arranged an ambulance to take her to Najran for emergency treatment.

The father of infant girl requested doctor to go with him but they clearly refused despite of worst condition of girl. This was not the only disappointment faced by the father of infant girl. After crossing distance of 100 Km the ambulance ran short of oxygen which caused even more harm to baby girl. This disaster caused the ambulance to stay at Khabbash Hospital for borrowing oxygen cylinders. The girl was finally reached hospital but till that time Aryam had died of heart inflammation.

The hospital management clearly refused to take the baby girl; they even did not bother to have a normal check up by stating that she was already dead. The helpless father rushed back to Sharourah Public Hospital for any kind of treatment which could cause his daughter to be alive again hoping for a miracle to happen. The hospital received dead body of Aryam (the dead girl) but put it in hospital morgue and mentioned the cause of death on papers as medical error.

The grieved father out of shock and anger filed a complaint with Najran Municipality, Sharourah Health Affairs and Sharourah Public Hospital in order to penalize hospital management for the loss he bore due to carelessness and irresponsible attitude of medical staff. He stated that he will make the hospital management to pay for the death of his daughter due to their irresponsible behavior and non-serious attitude.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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