Tuesday, March 8, 2016

King Fahad Hospital Jeddah removes scissors from Child’s Brain

Children under a certain age need to be kept under constant supervision as they are highly likely to injure themselves while discovering this new world that they have been born in to. In this modern day and age there are many sources through which an expecting parent can learn how to make baby proof or the necessary changes to their homes in order to ensure that the child cannot injure itself. Several companies around the world offer services to baby proof your homes and several of the home building stores or furnishing or home lifestyle stores carry necessary fixtures which are needed to prevent the child from being injured. All of these sources of information will have however 1 thing in common, which is to keep all shard objects such as scissors or knives. It also seems like common sense or lack thereof in this case, to keep such things away from the reach of children.

In Jeddah, a highly specialized neurosurgical team at the King Fahd General Hospital has succeeded in their attempt to save the life of a child by removing the pair of scissors which had become embedded inside the frontal lobe of the brain of the child. This highly specialized medical team had worked through an incision which had been made at the hairline of the child in order to remove the scissors. This in turn allowed the medical team to keep the features and shape of the head the same once the operation procedure had been completed. This risky operation performed by the specialized team took around 3 hours and has been termed as one of the highly complicated surgeries ever performed at the King Fahd General Hospital, because of the extremely sensitive area of the brain of the child.

The media office at the King Fahd General Hospital had stated to the news outlets and stated that currently the condition of the child’s health is stable and they also confirmed that the child also underwent a CT scan in order to ensure that the operation had been done successfully. The Anesthetist at the King Fahd Hospital, Dr. Ahmed Ismail Zaki stated that the child in question had fallen down while holding the pair of scissors in his hand; this caused the scissors to become lodged inside the child’s brain.

The injured child was immediately brought to the operation theater and went through all of the necessary tests prior to the initiation of the surgery.  The bones which comprised the skull of the child had to be opened up and the team of medical professionals was successful in removing the scissors.

I am sure all of us are glad that the child is alright, and it serves as a reminder to both the parents and also to expecting parents or married couples. It shows us that it can only take a second to have a drastic effect and that when there is a child involved, there should be no lack in alertness and vigilance.

Source: Arab News

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